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Computer Security

Computer security is fundamental for any company regardless of its level, hackers do not discriminate against their victims, they only act because some victims could be targeted only to become a vehicle to reach victims of greater importance to them and for every place they pass they go “sowing seeds” to maintain control of their devices and / or systems and thus move forward for a goal of greater interest.


Configuration and monitoring of Firewall servers to mitigate the penetration to the systems in an unauthorized way, these firewalls can be installed by means of commercial hardware or servers configured and installed in a personalized way.


The proxy servers allow the management and control of traffic from the corporate network to the Internet network, in this way you can control inappropriate access to unauthorized websites (commonly pornography, social networks, video streaming channels, etc.), also monitors possible leakage of classified information.


The VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows remote access to the resources of a corporation’s network just as if you were physically in the office. This connection is made with keys, passwords and security certificates, thus creating an encrypted “tunnel” where communication is guaranteed to flow between authorized points on the network while maintaining the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the information


For some companies IDS/IPS are the most important tools in their network, an IDS (intrusion detection system) and IPS (system to prevent intruders) are key because these systems usually go in the periphery of the network, ie, are the first servers with which a hacker has to “crash” before reaching an internal target, these servers have highly sophisticated algorithms, intelligent systems capable of detecting and learning thousands of forms of attacks and act accordingly, are so complex that some hackers choose to change the mode of attack.


The antispam systems have the ability to learn and catalog the emails to give a score that is based on structure, body images, among other attributes, there are also external services that can link against your antispam server and so he learns not only from their experiences but also those of other interconnected systems.

Centralized Platform for Corporate Threat Mitigation

We do not speak of antivirus, we speak of an integrated platform, because an antivirus is one of the many functions that have a platform of this type, here information of different types is processed, from the authorization to the use of a USB device to the shipment of the attachment in a mail with classified information, a platform of this type are indispensable in a corporation, this way it monitors everything and each one of the files and requests that are made within your network that can be potentially suspicious and that can attempt against the integrity and confidentiality of the information.

Hardening and Threat Mitigation

Hardening is a term taken from the English that corresponds to the “hardening” of the systems of a device, service or network, this activity consists of performing a vulnerability analysis in the company and then apply the appropriate improvements based on the analysis, should be done continuously.

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