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What is Online Reputation Management?


Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a reflection of a person’s or brand’s prestige or esteem on the Internet. Unlike the brand, which can be generated through advertising media, the reputation is not under the absolute control of the subject or organization, but the “factory” also the rest of the people when they talk and contribute their opinions, especially important on the Internet, where it is very easy and cheap to pour information and opinions through mechanisms such as forums, blogs or social networks.

When you start a business, ask for a bank credit, apply for a visa, look for a job, in short, there will always be someone looking for your name on the internet.

So, do you really control what is said about you on the Internet?

Usually people, companies, institutions, etc. They don’t control what is said about them on the internet, any news portal, forum, social network, web page, generates content about your person staining your digital reputation even without your knowledge.

Online Reputation


It analyses all the information available on the Internet about a person, company or brand. Both what the person, brand or company says and what others say; since reputation is an aggregate of all those information and opinions.

In Internet Reputation Cleaning, visibility is studied; since online reputation is the product of visibility and the value load of those mentions.

At Artech Digital we offer you a comprehensive service for managing your online reputation.

Online Reputation Management





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