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Berk's algorithm

At the age of twelve Gustav Baumeister, after several visits to the office of the “Principal”, heard about Berk’s algorithm. “It’s software that makes my job emotionally easier,” the director said with a satisfied look. “Every mischief you make is recorded in the system, and the machine will at some point be in control of your future.” Young Gustav was incredulous. The code system that had been haunting him for five years was not in his head. He was about to leave Eliot Elementary School in Boston. The afternoon was cool when he took his bike. He slowly rolled down Charter Street pushing a black cloud in front of the handlebars. He stopped at Copp’s Hill Terrace, the best place to review how many times he pulled Noreen’s hair in fifth grade. He looked up at the treetops and found no answers. He didn’t know where this need to misbehave......

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