Social networks have been the channel most used by users to express different feelings and emotions, so the emotional communication in instagram makes the brand we represent generate profits, either by their sales or by their popularity. What make a notable difference is the other accounts is very important.

Many will wonder why they do not do a traditional advertising work. However, we must remember that today’s times have changed and although we must not leave aside the traditional view, it is important to know that your potential customers are active in social networks and not so much in newspapers or magazines as they did in previous years.

Emotional communication in Instagram

While it is true Instagram is the social network that generates and updates content daily, so a large percentage of its users immediately see the post published.

When we work with emotional content in social networks, we must be clear about which emotions we want to link to our brand, and which we will develop in a positive way.

Among the main emotions that we must develop as a brand are: joy, gratitude, serenity, interest in the world, hope, pride, fun, inspiration, amazement and love,;all according to the study carried out by Barbara Fredrickson.

Here are a few points for you to generate a more emotional communication for your brand

  • Communicate the purpose of your brand.
  • Create connection moments.
  • It reflects attention and personalized treatment with the Client.
  • Incorporate the voice of your customers.
  • High value testimonials.

Disney as a brand

All this without letting it happen that previously it must be clear to whom the brand is directed with each of the products.

Another way to attract your followers with emotions is to share your brand values in a creative and visual way with a powerful description.

Emotional communication in Instagram - Artech Digital

A very significant example is the Disney brand that has the peculiarity that in its work not only attracts the smallest, but also the largest.

This company promotes its cinematographic works with great emotional contribution; full of values and feelings that always surprises all its public.

In that specific case, this company is lucky enough to have at its disposal a large amount of graphic and audiovisual content; but not only does it keep that, since its Instagram account reflects in a very well worked way the emotional load of the content they publish, combining image and text.

Let’s remember that Instagram has the peculiarity of making its audience feel comfortable, but above all that the brand listens and interacts with the audience.

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