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Keyword Research

The basis of a SEO strategy.

It is important to have well defined which are the Keyword Research or words through which we want to be found; for that we must study well which population we want to reach.

If our main objective is that the whole world sees us as the first option of what we offer; we must ask ourselves the following:

What services do we offer?

Knowing our business, makes it easier for us to choose the right words with which we want to make ourselves known.

The competition?

Knowing how our competition is being sought out allows us to improve our strategy to avoid choosing keywords with a high degree of difficulty. It is recommended to use Long Tail which allows for more specific searches and mostly presents little competition.

Who are our clients?

We have to be clear about what public we want to address; based on this we will analyze the population and in this way know what they want and how they are looking for it.

What tools do I use?

There are currently tools that allow you to analyze keywords in depth, but the most important of these are search engines.

Why is semantics important?

Semantics in web content is related to the terminology surrounding the Keyword.

Writing styles can be very bold and dynamic; but if they are not kept within the simplicity of the world that revolves around the keyword, little or nothing will satisfy the bots.

The semantic experience for a web writer begins with the conception of the Keyword. The keyword is the embryo of the semantic basis of the content.

The writer must know that he or she has semantic allies in “synonymy”; which allows the use of different words that have the same or equivalent meaning.

They can also opt for “antonymy”; which is the diametrically opposite case to the previous one and which represents the reverse of what it means.

The list to be investigated is long and we leave enunciated other tools such as “homonymy”; “polysemy”, “paronymy”, “metonymy” and “metaphor”.

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