As time goes by, new terms are added to the SEO experts’ dictionary, so there is no time to be left behind. You have to take what’s in the air, such as SEO Crawling; a trend that sets a definitive precedent in the way you can see your online optimization.

Also, it is important to ask yourself, what is Crawling eaten with? How does it affect Positioning? It turns out that it does; it has some determinant incidence for the ranking in the positions of Google; next, a little more light on the matter.

What do you eat Crawling with?

Crawling is, fundamentally, the tracking that bots (crawlers) do on a website; reading and analyzing the structure and content of a website. These jump from page to page, by means of the links that are left.

This way, speaking more directly of the own thing, the case of Google, that uses its GoogleBot; it is in charge of examining our webs, to index our content in its repertory.

Now… in this way you get a better idea about Crawling in SEO. On the other hand, it is important to note that the crawling is not exactly the search engine; you can also use tools to make an effective crawling of our website, in order to detect gaps in our optimization.


How does Google crawl on our website?

Firstly, Google realizes the existence of our website, in addition to its availability for crawling (which is usually done through Search Console), accesses all pages of the portal, through all the links that have been created within them.

You can also make your analysis through other sources other than links, such as specific addresses in a Sitemap file that has been arranged in the Search Console.

Then, from another angle, it is also necessary to consider that, occasionally, the detail or extension of the analysis; it can depend on the budget of crawl or Crawl Budget, that Google destines for our site.

And now, how does the Budget Crawl affect our SEO?

Since we are not the only ones bent on positioning our websites, Google has a considerable task to do when crawling millions of websites across the internet, so the resources you allocate through GoogleBot, are limited.

Investment resources involve the proportional measures of time and effort, required to analyze a web page.

In addition, if the crawler or bot, it is not possible to read a page in a web; it does not consider then, the existence of its content, therefore, it does not index it. By not indexing the content, it does not appear in Google’s search results; and therefore, it obviously does not rank.

So, SEO Crawling has a quite marked relevance, since it is mainly the extent to which we recognize the work we do on our website.

From an intelligent perspective, the most profitable thing is to try to avoid that the time and effort invested in Google on the crawl of our portal, is not in vain. But how can I get the Crawl Budget not to fall short for my page?

First of all, host your site on an optimized server; so that it has a truly efficient response time. To this you have to add an optimization to the load resources.

On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid at all costs the errors of code 4xx or 5xx, in addition to the isolated pages; which do not have links pointing at them; since they take the crawlers practically to dead ends.


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