Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the world’s most user social network, Facebook, recently revealed in an interview with Jonathan Zittrain, a professor at Harvard Law School, that he is potentially interested in data protection with Blockchain to secure Facebook users’ information.

Data protection with Blockchain secures user information on Facebook

Distributed accounting technology, better known as Blockchain, according to Zuckerberg; that this technology functions as a decentralized network without intermediaries, and that this could be convenient for the Facebook platform.

The businessman shrewdly referred to the position that developers should adopt to adapt to third party platforms and their management policies; He explained that if they were not able to adapt, then people’s access could be interrupted; they are offered their services. And for Facebook this did not imply a very favorable position.

The inclination of this interview was proportional to the positive possibilities that the use of Blockchain on Facebook could offer. Zuckerberg, after having entered the main channel of the interview; adding comments where he explained the intention, more honestly still worked on how to make it work.

“One of the things I’ve been thinking a lot about is the use of Blockchain, I’m potentially interested; although I haven’t found a way for this to work, it’s about authentication and guaranteeing access to information and different services.

This last one did not keep him from elucidating an image that brings us closer to an essential idea; thus he added that it was basically outlined in the way in which you take information; it is stored in a decentralized system and you have the option of logging in in different places; without going through intermediaries.

data protection with Blockchain - Artech Digitial

The founder of Facebook added that Blockchain could not restrict access to third party applications; so developers benefit from it, but it would imply a potential vulnerability for Facebook.

It develops that with more than 2.1 billion users, Facebook is one of the largest services in the world; and that in order to cover all this user demand, it is necessary for the company to use particular methods; such as data centers or server farms in different parts of the world

Assuring that it is a service that keeps to the company itself, its only authority, adds that in case of implementing the use of Blockchain, the Facebook Connect service would be replaced.

According to what the founder of Facebook said to his interlocutor, Zittrain, it can be understood that the company does not intend to adopt Blockchain technology until they can, accurately, guarantee that users’ information is kept safe and not vulnerable to being illegally extracted for inconvenient purposes.

The content of the interview, based on the implementation of Blockchain technology for the social platform Facebook, was glimpsed with correlation to what was announced a few weeks ago, unofficially, that the company Facebook had supposedly hired a team of researchers from Chainspace. The latter is a British company that specializes in the development of intelligent contracts.

All this leaves the web community to the expectation that the dots will come together and be put on the table; to see what is the intention of the next big move of the giant Facebook, seeking to ensure the safety of its users.

Facebook, Blockchain and possible indication

Since March 2018, Facebook has been peppered with scandals about its questionable management of its users’ privacy. Precisely since this particular date, it was then when a media explosion revealed that; the data of more than 50 million users were violated; to use them in favor of the candidacy of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, in 2016.

The case of Cambridge Analytica, so called because it is the name of the British company; that through an application gathered information from so many users; to elaborate psychological profiles that could politically favor Donald Trump’s nomination. A few months later, Facebook termed for “admitting” that they hacked into some 30 million accounts.

Among all this vortex of bad omens for Facebook, it seems that still makes attempts to give redemption to everything that was lost, especially the trust of its users. So much is the need to be reliable again, that it turns to Blockchain; to make its security not only a protocol, but also a guarantee.

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