When it comes to variations in Google algorithm, there are direct consequences on the way we work for positioning. In this way, it is a certainty that at some point each year, some of these variations are registered; making the sense in which the content is organized in the search results of the engine, is modified according to the criteria of the developers.

Based on these changes, all competitors are positioned in the search for an efficient SEO positioning. For this reason, Google has departments with highly capable staff to manually review the changes, so that the changes can harmonize properly with the user.

Among these dedicated Google professionals, there are those who are dedicated to analyzing the pages of the search results (SERPS); entering written and voice searches. The work of these operators improves the results of the algorithms to organize the content with respect to the query made in the search engine. To this, a criterion of exhaustive analysis is applied in the reaction and behavior of the users.

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Calm down, the search intention remains the criterion

These queries contain, according to the need, short tail keywords; which are short phrases, or also long tails, which have a more pronounced length, therefore a more specific search intention: such is the case of informative, purchase or transactional queries.

In this way, the criteria that the professionals of Google, analyze in search of making more intuitive the efficiency of the search engine is located; therefore in each result of search, less time is required to find what the user is looking for with precision.

This criterion of treatment of the great one of the industry, every time gains greater force and sense for the necessities of the users in the world; especially in fields like the one of the health or on the other hand, the money. The latter can be easily noticed with the big changes in the wellness sector since 2018; with which the positioning mode was considerably affected due to the variations of the Google algorithm.

Considering all this, we must know beforehand that our attention must be focused on the changes that can make the great search engine, so that we do not remain outdated and continue to lead the race for positioning.

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