For lovers and fans of marketing comes CIMA International Marketing Congress, where undoubtedly the meeting promises a great innovation of digital marketing, apps, sensory marketing, endomarketing and BTL.

CIMA arrives in Caracas on November 15 with speakers specialized in marketing; the venue for the event will be at the Hotel Eurobuilding, in the Plaza Real room.

The meeting will bring together top executives; business leaders, marketing professionals, agencies, companies, entrepreneurs and students in order to provide and update the tools of the market.

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CIMA International Marketing Congress

Today’s marketing generally covers all things, because simply without it we would be lost. It is for this reason that as marketers we must be in constant innovationand movement, to expand our knowledge and thus be able to provide fresh information to our customers, all this in relation to business opportunities and the implementation of an appropriate strategy, which in turn ensures success.

During the meeting, topics such as innovation, digital marketing, apps, sensorial marketing, endomarketing and BTL, will be addressed by an outstanding group of lecturers specialized in marketing such as:

Verónica Ruiz del Vizo (USA), Javier Piedrahita (Spain), Engels Pérez (Colombia), Gilberto López “BigGil”, Leonardo Salazar, Mariana Frías; Janelia Rodríguez, John Fabio Bermúdez, Víctor Moreno, Enrique Peña, Gabriel Harting, Pily Modroño; Fabián Barrera (Colombia), Luis Maturén, Milko González-López, Juan Matos, Cristina Regueira and Javier Rojo.

In addition, Cima will have the special participation of Ramón Castro, Oscar Olivares and Luis Vicente García.

CIMA International Marketing Congress - Artech Digital

The congress, created and produced by LBM Communications, expects to attract more than 500 participants from all sectors in the event, sincemarketing is universal for any position, industry or sector”.

CIMA 2018

A meeting point between experts, amateurs and students in the area of marketing and advertising; who will discuss trends, success stories, learning, innovation, strategies and leadership accompanied by brands that set the tone in Latin America and Europe.

Building country from marketing

Information on how to purchase tickets for the congress can be found at:

Don’t miss out and start building a better future for your life and digital marketing; in CIMA International Marketing Congress offers great topics that provide a lot of personal growth; one of them being “Thinking, feeling and deciding: Unveiling behaviors for marketing with Behavioral Economics; speaker Milko González-López PhD. Professor IESA.

In addition, the projection that this meeting is looking to build a better country, a better situation from the point of view of what we do best. But, to do in order to contribute for the good things; for those positive things that contribute for a better future.

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