The community manager is the social media professional, and above all  the main head of all brands or companies with the aim of growing online receptivity and maintaining the level of interest and participation of its members or customers.  The most important task of the community manager is the creation of a community that is based on the set of individuals who gather around exchanging common interests.

Community building should have clear objectives, but ¿How do you find potential members?

The community manager should look for them in those online platforms where they are already, that is, where there is more receptivity and interaction in the social networks created, identifying which are the most appropriate channels and adequately following the strategy defined by the social media plan.

However, the profession of being a community manager has increased over the last few years. There are some basic tools of the community manager that are unknown to the individuals themselves.

Earning customer trust, generating relevant content, correctly managing communities help us to be more visualized, increase our sales, and keep the target audience close. That’s why this segment will show some basic community manager tools to increase knowledge and make our community creation successful.

Creating Community: How to create and grow the Brand

As explained above, the CM is the company’s primary voice for the community. Community management is the best strategic way for the company to reach consumers, customers and prospects.

It consists of establishing bonds with these individuals to make them feel part of the company, and feel trust between the manager and the user.

Creation of community - community manager - Artech Digital

It should be noted that in creation of community, quality is more important than quantity. In other words, we should not obsess about achieving a large number of followers; if we have less valuable content that provides interaction and volume of consumers, and more content NOT relevant that do not contribute anything to the community.

Then ¡It’s all wrong! The purpose is to encourage and involve those users who are part of the Group

However, the principles are hard. Don’t expect that managing a community will have results overnight, attracting users costs, unless you have a well optimized online reputation as a strong brand on the Internet. But don’t give up! If you can do it, if you are constantly looking for potential users, always following a defined strategy and with good content.

Creating relevant publications, with updated ideas such as, for example, new automated technologies or 3D images and videos capture the attention of the user, since it is something new both for the brand that gives it a differential value, and for them. These are called Generation Z, which are consumers with new strategic styles for social media.

Social networks as customer service

Digitization has served to keep users in different parts of the world informed of any new developments in different countries.

Social networks have become the channel of mass communication in all times, retain great utility that present 4 key advantages for creation of community:
  • Advertising: The creation of advertisements serves for the customer service that is performed in view of all users. When the user has a complaint, suggestion, through social networks; the community manager should be responsible for responding to all these opinions as good “customer service”.
  • Participation: Thanks to the advertisements created by the community manager, other users will show interest and confidence by observing the response of the community manager immediately and providing other doubts or complaints.
  • Speed: Social networks are an instant communication channel offering the user the direct way to be in contact with the company, along with valuable content. Therefore, it is important to note that customer service must be considered as a marketing strategy and strive to provide also as quickly as possible.

Another of the CM’s tasks is to dynamize the interactions that take place in a site. In other words, the CM is in itself a promotional tool. Its mission is to keep the relationship with the client as long as possible; and to achieve this, it must be able to offer a series of extra services: quality information, product support and -basically- entertainment, one of the main reasons why people turn massively to social networks.

Of course, hiring a CM should not be an impulsive action, but should go hand in hand with a plan for participation in social networks in the medium and long term. Remember that the online channel is gradually becoming the dominant channel for the circulation of information in the world.

For this reason, taking care of and developing this channel will help you not only to stay in business; but also to achieve much higher levels of sales.

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