The email marketing (emailing or e-mailing) is a communication tool that has the brand to communicate with the customer. It is a very powerful tool that, well used, can give very good results, especially conversion- And now the 7 benefits at the business level.

7  Benefits of email marketing at the business level

1 Direct channel of information and communication

Email marketing is possibly one of the most direct and effective channels that exist when communicating a message on the Internet.

It is a two-way channel in which only two actors intervene: the sender (you send an email to your subscribers) and the receiver (your subscriber, who receives that message). In other words, there is no noise or interference, as happens, for example, in social networks, where there are lots of distraction points (ads, videos, comments, etc.).

Also, e-mail marketing is a very effective tool to communicate to your subscribers the news of your brand, the last entries of your blog or your new products/services; thus creating a traditional communication flow with your readers and potential customers.

2 Reinforce your brand image

Another of the benefits of mass mailing is the possibility to reinforce your brand image and also improve the positioning with respect to your community.

How can you strengthen and improve your image?

In this sense, the right thing to do is to use storytelling techniques to capture the attention of your subscribers and connect emotionally with them; the goal is to create a close bond with them, build trust and increase your credibility.

3 That your customers are loyal to your brand

If you have an ecommerce, sell a product or offer some kind of service, this point is going to be interesting to you; the mailing marketing also allows you to keep your customers with a three main objectives:

– firstly, that their experience after the purchase is satisfactory.

– secondly, that they buy from you again in the future.

– thirdly, that they become prescribers of your brand so that they speak well of it and recommend you to other users.


4 Promote and sell your products or services

Email marketing is a very powerful channel when it comes to communicating your new products and services at a business level; best of all, it allows you to segment mailings by user groups according to their interests or characteristics: gender, age, preferences, etc. This means that you will be able to choose which users you send an offer to and which promotions, for example.

5 Perform an A/B test

Another point in favor of mass e-mail is that it allows you to do tests before making a final shipment.

This means that, before launching a mass message to your database, you can do different tests by selecting a small group of subscribers.

Once the test has been carried out and the results have been analysed, you can send the final message to the entire list of subscribers.

With these A/B tests you can test different subjects (they are very important to guarantee the opening of the emails), different copys and also the design and layout of your newsletter.

6 Examine and measure campaigns: calculate ROI

The concept of ROI (Return On Investment) is very important in the world of online marketing and sales; it will allow you to measure the level of economic profitability of a specific action. That is to say, this data will allow you to know the yield and the benefits that an investment has had.

As for the analysis of e-mail marketing campaigns, you can extract a series of data to know what has been the effectiveness of your actions. Some examples are: number of emails opened (visualizations and readings of your emails), number of clicks in your newsletter, number of bounces, low in your list of subscribers, best days and hours of the week to make the shipments or the origin of users of your list (country, device, operating system, etc.).

7  Saving resources and money at the business level

Developing an e-mail marketing strategy is much cheaper than other types of marketing actions, such as mailboxing or other online media campaigns; all you need is a mass mailing provider, a list of subscribers and a clear and precise strategy.

In addition, the design of newsletters is very simple (you don’t need a lot of knowledge) and you can benefit from other advantages such as the possibility of programming the sending of your campaigns or the automation of certain actions thanks to auto-responders.

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