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Milexy Maldonado

Soy apasionada por el Marketing Digital; profesional en el área de la Publicidad y Diseño Gráfico, SMM Social Media Manager, especialista en diseño y manejo de Redes Sociales avalado por Adobe.

Organic traffic - Artech digital

Organic traffic, a key factor in SEO positioning

From the moment Google appeared, the SEO strategy has changed considerably, in addition the organic traffic has become one of the fundamental pillars for the web, blog, e-commerce, news sites,...

June 21, 2019
What do blockchain phones eat with - Artech digital

What do blockchain phones eat with?

. A reassuring smile ended the disturbing moment. Daniel Kahneman tried to formulate in his modest Spanish some questions that would make ethically bearable the forced appointment that led him...

June 10, 2019