From the moment Google appeared, the SEO strategy has changed considerably, in addition the organic traffic has become one of the fundamental pillars for the web, blog, e-commerce, news sites, among others; so  these can be tracked, indexed and positioned by search engines.

Google has become the most used search engine in the world; and therefore if you are not in Google, you do not exist!

Let’s look at some aspects that influence SEO positioning

  • Title and Meta description have enough characters and have the correct keyword to be relevant to the user and that way click on our result.
  • Choose the right keyword.
  • Hx headers and page content are oriented to the keyword to position.
  • Correct implementation of hreflang if the website has different languages.
  • That it has a canonical label correctly implemented.
  • All images with their ALT attribute to have the images positioned in the Google gallery.

It should be remembered that there are other aspects of positioning that must be optimized; for example, have a responsive web, which is visible on all devices, must even be adapted.

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Organic traffic, a key factor in SEO positioning

The key among so many rules and techniques, is the traffic, because without your website well optimized, still will continue with a lack, which involves in the natural visits of your website.

In addition, the traffic that enters the website must be qualified, meaning that users not only enter your website; but they also interact with your page, share content and even click on the “Call to action” button that redirects to another landing page on the same website.

On the other hand, you will ask about the traffic generated by Google Ads; and in fact these are also related to the organic traffic that goes to a website, and the importance of SEO positioning within search engines.

Since you add the relationship between organic and paid traffic, it is important to know that the traffic generated by Google Ads can fall when your website name is not clearly optimized and defined for search engines; that is, if you have a website and drive it through paid organic traffic, it will stay in time and visits to your website will be really satisfactory. But, once you stop paying, to appear first, these traffic levels will fall and you will miss a great investment.

All this implies that applying SEO, content and web optimization techniques help your website to be maintained over time; and on the other hand you can combine it with the traffic paid through Google Ads.


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