The Spanish financial services company Caixabank has joined the technological novelties and has been tested in four ATMs in the “Store” offices; with face recognition to withdraw money without the need to introduce pin security codes. The new technological method is available in the city centre of Barcelona.

The executive director of Global Customer Experience, Jordi Nicolau, and the general director of Digital Business, Benjamí Puigdevall; appeared this Thursday at a press conference, explaining the new financial institution for users of Barcelona; indicating that it is the first bank in the world to offer face recognition services.

Face recognition in Caixabank

Face recognition in Caixabank plans to move the facial recognition service in its offices Store; currently has about 300, from the second half of 2019 and finish it by the end of this year, in addition to adding this technology in the various stores of this type to be opened, which according to its Strategic Plan 2019-2021 will increase by 600.

¿How does the face recognition service work?

This checking system will recognise CaixaBank customers through the image captured by the terminal’s camera; and it will do so by validating 16,000 points of the user’s facial image: “You have maximum security”, Nicolau has assured and has highlighted the robustness of this technology.

Customers will have to go through the offices of the entity to enjoy this service. However, it is also possible to continue withdrawing money with the security pin code.

face recognition - Artech Digital

CaixaBank has developed this checking system in partnership with its technology partners Fujitsu and the Spanish FacePhi:

“This has been built here and created with partners we are used to working with,” Nicolau explained.

Service conceived for customers

Nicolau has defended this facial recognition service as a response to the needs of its customers; who are betting on a closer, safer and faster technology: “Faced with this request we have set to work”.

For his part, Puigdevall has argued that this is “one more step” of CaixaBank and has claimed the leadership of the financial institution in the implementation of digital technologies in its operation.

In this sense, the CEO of CaixaBank, Gonzalo Gortázar, has argued that this technological leadership “helps them to give the best service”; to their customers and in a closer and more specialized way, has detailed the entity in a statement.


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