How to build a  brand? it is not an easy task, but it is certainly a very important task that must be put into practice. 

Remember that transparency, authenticity and purpose are repetitive for some reason. So, what is essential in a great brand?

To make it clearer, backpackers think that a brand is based on just a name, logo or advertising gimmick.

A brand is beyond that, it is so important to turn it into an exciting connection with the ideal buyer or customer; and at the same time transform it into a LoveMark, which simply refers to Love for the brand. 

When a brand comes to make recognized by ease and even that its name is the replacement of other products and services, we are talking about it has become an immortal symbol.

A very close example, in Venezuela the emblematic arepa is an icon of the country; so much so, that “Venezuelan that does not eat arepa, is not Venezuelan”, in fact there is the case of the Polar company with its indelible PAN flour, the Venezuelan has made this brand an immortal symbol, which refers to corn flour in any brand.

So, when a person goes to a grocery store, warehouse or supermarket and finds on the shelves another brand of corn flour, likewise say “I just bought PAN flour”, do not mention the brand, until the time they say: “Buy PAN flour, a different brand. Actually, there is a LoveMark with the PAN brand.

Now, how to build a recognized brand

First of all, a brand makes you feel through the emotions what you want to transmit with essence to the consumer. And it is precisely at that moment, when the buyer chooses without thinking, the place where to buy and what product to buy.

Look at these simple features:

The customer will buy in the place he feels at ease, according to his demands and preferences, even linked to emotions, environment, treatment, music, quality of service and products.

In this way, the customer will choose the product according to their demands, tastes and preferences; even the consumer can buy any product without actually needing it, simply because he has a love for the brand and cannot stop having it; and it is precisely at that moment, when the emotions of the time of path, of what the product offers and its quality are connected.

In order to build a brand you must ask yourself these questions:

  •  How to cultivate an audience and win potential customers.
  •  How to project a clear and concise message for my clients to identify themselves.
  •  Think of the ideal customer, and where you want to direct your business.
  •  Offer quality services and products, where the customer feels identified to meet their need.
  •  Generate promotions according to the benefit of the client.
  •  Never offer something you don’t have, or can’t give; improve your commercial capabilities.
  •  When you create advertisements, do it thinking about your target audience, the target you want to address. In the same way, visualize how you want your brand to be remembered.
  •  Remember that the first impression is what it is worth, maintaining it or improving it over time is a unique plus for your business.
  •  Innovate thinking not only in your own benefit, but in the opportunities you have to establish a unique connection with the customer.
  •  When you create a message realise it, clearly and leaving the stereotypes of the market; disturbing the market.

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If you want to create a memorable brand:

  •  Target a niche and committed audience.
  •  Be bold with your narration and interrupt the market.
  •  Be direct and clear with your message.
  •  Put your audience at the front and center.

Make your brand recognized and become an immortal symbol; wherever the customer drives you by their comments, recommendations of the quality of care and service you provide in your business, or by the product you offer.

Look for quality to offer, it is very important to be clear that people are always looking to meet a need, and that is where you come into play. 

Remember that before being a brand, you are a client; it is time to stand at the foot of the client and thus understand what their needs are and how to meet them.

Social Networks, a focal point to know how to build a brand

Social Networks are a space that gives you the opportunity to be more connected with your clients and, of course, with the whole world.

Don’t miss every opportunity to have a strong brand presence, which guarantees truthful and efficient information through mass communication.

For brands, nowadays not having a presence in Social Networks is like not existing in the world. 

People feel more secure with their purchases, in fact they identify much more with the brand and feel that they have a unique membership with it.

Tips for your brand to grow on Social Networks

  •  Offer valuable content that adds interest and satisfies a consumption need to your customers.
  •  Stay on the trends, makes users feel identified and begin to prefer brands linked to their emotions.
  •  Optimize your profiles for users to identify you.
  •  Create campaigns that reach the senses and emotions of customers and potential future customers.
  •  Create promotions without attracting your audience, you believe that you cover a need with the promotion you offer.
  •  Make sure that your Social Network strategies are working; besides that, you are well focused on the objectives you have proposed to achieve, to reach the goal.

So, your commercial and human capacities are the best weapons for you to build a recognized brand; making it an immortal symbol “LoveMark”

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