With the advent of the internet the way of consuming has changed radically; we went from physical shopping to becoming digital consumer. From our sofa at home; we have access to any type of product.

Today, without realizing it, we are in the era of the digital consumer; and even we ourselves have been one.

Then it was the smartphones that broke the boundaries; they allowed us to buy anytime, anywhere without relying on a computer.

digital consumer

Today, more than half of the world’s population can be defined as a “digital consumer“; a circumstance that has caused brands to invest a large part of their efforts in optimizing their digital marketing strategies to reach their audience.

In spite of technology and all its evolution in the purchasing process; the key is still to know the customer very well in order to anticipate their needs and the consumer’s experience becomes increasingly important in the purchase decision.

70% of purchasing decisions will be based precisely on the user’s perceptions when purchasing an item. It is therefore important to maintain a marketing strategy.

But the big question is: How to conquer the digital consumer?

Real-time searches

The mobile phone is today is a necessity for us; as soon as a need arises we do not hesitate to look on the Internet at the time. This type of instant search offers the consumer the possibility of making purchase decisions without intermediaries.

The customer initiates the experience earlier in the shopping trip; generating a greater number of impact opportunities for brands. Opinions and other options are consulted before purchasing any item.

Personalization and humanization

Differentiating in a market like the current one is very complicated; the diversity of options is so great that the characteristics of the product take second place and the struggle is usually in another type of aspects.

We have competition in every corner and more on the Internet

Digital consumer want more than that; they want a personalized and unique treatment, to feel special. The digital world offers many alternatives to achieve this. Marketing strategies must change every day to achieve the success we want.

digital consumer

Importance of voice

The success of attendees such as Alexa, Google Home or Siri shows the proliferation of the use of voice to interact with the devices we use. According to experts, this trend will continue to rise this year.

Despite the fact that purchases through these still do not occupy a very high share; companies are already beginning to design their strategies for contact with the consumer thinking more in the voice than in writing.

Social activism

The social sphere is at the heart of our purchasing decision; according to Weber Shandwick’s research on purchasing trends in 2019; 83% of respondents preferred to buy an item from a firm that “does the right thing”. It has become another value with which to differentiate themselves from competitors and brands such as Nike or Levi’s already put it into practice. Digital Consumer want to be proud of what they wear and companies; tend to position themselves in favor of social causes to connect with their audiences.

Millennials are now adults

Millennials are not an adolescent audience, they are adults, they buy and want to be reflected in the brands. They are demanding consumers, accustomed to e-commerce and who do not hesitate to give their opinion on social networks about firms. The interaction through social profiles is important and can decide the final decision.

Every day we have the opportunity to evolve, in digital marketing must be updated with each strategy to reach the widest possible audience and increase our sales.

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