Instagram updates its algorithm this 2019; having a very clear goal, so Instagram wants to achieve greater control over what users see in their feed.

The update of this 2019 is very demanding, and its operation has caused it to be more visible; moreover, systematic of most company profiles is reduced.

Instagram updates its algorithm this 2019

These are the most recommended tools when publishing on the network:

  • By publishing more you do not go further
  • Generate real conversations has a prize
  • Hashtags only if necessary
  • It is necessary to be constant and coherent
  • Priman live videos
We don’t go further by publishing more
  • In order to encourage users to consume relevant content, the Instagram Ads algorithm limits the volume of publications coming from brand or company accounts, protecting in some way those promoted as advertising.
  • For this reason, it is best to analyze the best times to publish (those in which you receive more interactions) and are limited to one or two daily publications.
  • When Instagram is going to be published, these are usually the hours with the most results:
  • Between 11 am and 1 pm (never before 11 am).
  • Between 3 and 4 pm.

Instagram updates its algorithm - Artech Digital

Generating real conversations is rewarding

There are two changes in the new Instagram 2019 algorithm that put the existence of real conversations between the brand or company and its followers.

SPEED OF RESPONSE | From now on, every time a user comments on one of the publications or asks a question or query, it is better to respond as soon as possible. And everything seems to indicate that delay in responding may make our posts lose relevance to Instagram.

QUALITY OF COMMENTS | It is not enough to receive many comments for a publication to have relevance in the start feed. Now, in addition, it will be necessary that these comments have quality. In this aspect, they must have at least 4 words to be taken into account.

Hashtags only if it is necessary

The implementation of the new Instagram algorithm for 2019 is limited to 4 hashtags per publication, which must be inserted in the caption if we want them to be positive.

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You have to be constant and coherent

CONSTANCE | It is preferable to publish a little every day, rather than a lot for a season and then remain silent. ¿Why? For the simple reason that the new Instagram Ads algorithm will take these periods of inactivity into account, and penalize them.

COHERENCE | The Instagram algorithm will think as a lack of coherence that you edit the caption of your publications, or that you delete one of them in order to publish it again later.

Instagram updates its algorithm - Artech Digital

Priman live videos

  • The time to publish videos with your followers; it is best to do it live and live through Instagram Live Stories.
  • First of all, because this type of videos have many advantages:
  • They form a sensation of immediacy.
  • They offer truly unique content.
  • Allow live interaction.

It’s very important to share something at the moment it’s happening. And so the new Instagram Ads 2019 algorithm will reward them with greater visibility.

These are the fundamental tools for the stories of Instagram and its new algorithm of this 2019 to get the visibility of your publications.

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