The Internet of Things in Digital Marketing is being part of our day to day and little by little it is getting into the technological worldit’s happening all around us; and it’s definitely here to stay. Not surprisingly, this trend is on the increase when by 2020 there are expected to be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet.

Before these data all the sectors have put themselves to work by innovating and implementing Internet of the Things in Digital Marketing; so much in the study of the possible applications of this technology in their areas of business.

There are companies that have managed to increase their productivity and improve their results thanks to the implementation of  IoT.

What is the Internet of Things? 

We talk about it with the abbreviation IoT, . This concept defines those devices that are connected to the network autonomously, thanks to that independence and their identity are able to interact with other devices that are connected. They deliver and receive information without the need for any kind of action on the part of the users.

Its application opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to granting intelligent and remote communicative capabilities to practically any object.

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Internet Of Things in Marketing and Sales

One of the applications that can be given to this type of technology is Marketing and Sales. The large amount of data that can handle are advantageous in strategies because they allow us to know better customers and their preferences.

Until now the market analysis was the way in which it was studied making predictions regarding these data; the IoT simplifies and improves this process. The Internet of Things, machine learning, data, not only allow us to delve into the tastes of consumers; they also give us the possibility of relating to each one of them in a personalized way. They are no longer statistics, they are realities.

Information in real time allows to correct and optimize products and services and create a close relationship with users. If a brand manages to find out your needs even before you have them, it will always be the favourite, to which you will turn when necessary. That is to say, those firms that manage to incorporate the Internet of Things in an optimal way in their Digital Marketing strategies will make the difference with respect to their competition.

We talk both about improving results and the quality of our marketing strategies thanks to:
  • Data collection

The so famous Big Data is only possible to analyze thanks to this type of intelligence, we are talking about infinite lists of data from which very valuable information can be extracted.

  • Personalization

With the information of the collected data we can offer very concrete actions directed to each client.

Improving the customer experience

If we know what the consumer wants and how he wants it, we just have to apply it. If the customer sees that we are right, we will be generating a good customer experience. We will achieve effective engagement and loyalty.

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