Migrating your website may seem like the loss of all your work and effort when it comes to online; however, there are certain practices that will help you maintain your position in Google Serps.

Migrate your website successfully

Migrate your website into local SEO positioning is ideal for when you own a physical store and want to position it across the web; appearing on Google Local Search will help migrate your business without dying in the attempt.

The local SEO at the time of applying in a web that possesses physical store is more important than the Global SEO; this due to the clientele that will attract towards a specific direction, that of not applying they are lost sales.

Local SEO is defined as appearing on Google only and exclusively when someone is looking for information about your products and services in your area of influence.

For this Google feeds on each IP, so the alternate window that asks you wants to know your location, this allows you to identify your location and if you search for “Italian restaurant” and you are in Argentina, results will appear in the area.

This goes hand in hand with the Local Snippet, known as a box of three Google Maps results, which also allows you to supplement the information with a more complete list by clicking on it.

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Local SEO Application

To start with the local SEO you must enter and register in the Google business directory; this is called Google My Business, the process is simple and you must also verify that you are the owner.

After this you must wait for the verification card which will come with an activation code; this could take up to 13 days to arrive so we must be patient in this step.

Once completed these steps should be optimized, the more effective is your local SEO; the more successful you will be when migrate your website.

Now, it’s time to take a stand, and some applicable tips for doing so follow:

Sum Reviews

Nourish your local SEO with reviews, this will allow your business to look reliable and also improve reputation; reviews are an extremely successful method in terms of opinions.

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However, it is advisable to do them gradually, if Google detects a rain of reviews will take it as SPAM; also one or another with bad reputation or neutral is worth adding to make it transparent.

Include keywords

Google allows you to use up to 10 keywords, choose them well to boost your business, look for that are relevant and also have a high volume of searches.


One of the successes in migrate your website is the use of images, visually locate your customers, who know what to expect and what your business looks like; it is also a good trick to geolocate the images so that they can apply SEO on their part as well.

OffPage directories and comments

Not all work is OnPage, you must accompany it with off-site practices with review pages; some tripadvisor style and more, this will boost your business to other levels.

This is because Google observes a business alive and moving and seeks its positioning; this depends directly on the comments and reviews it receives; if they are mostly negative will not help.

Power your NAP

Name, Address and Phone, we must be delicate when placing this information, from external websites to the official business; if Google every time it finds us in the same way with these data, the positioning will be higher.

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