Their perception of us does not always depend on our actions or intentions; sometimes it is the medium. The modern medium for excellence is the internet; it is better to have the best ORM techniques to manage our online reputation.

We already know that the credit we get is a reflection of our best actions. This applies to as many areas of life as can be considered; including one of the most fundamental, the professional.

When it comes to managing our particular reputation as professionals, it is somewhat less necessary to depend on the image of third persons. Now, being a company, the image of each one of its employees has repercussions on the image of the company.

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In a more specific sense; the better is the reputation of the employees, the better is the reputation of the company. In the eyes of any community, employees are those who represent a company; that’s why it’s good for them to have their own reputation online, with ORM techniques, and that this reputation is, of course, beneficial to the company.  

This is not about telling the company’s employees what to do and what not to do, let alone playing with their freedom of speech. It’s more about showing them how their own reputation is valuable to them in a professional way; and therefore to the company.

The best way to carry and bring information has always been through people; this is a premise that is more useful for companies, because they have the best of the broadcasters.

The time is not yet over when good feedback from employees used to attract not only customers, but also specific talented people who could qualify as employees. That’s more than reason enough to work on your company’s employee model.

Inducing employees to manage their reputation may seem like a complicated task; but we simplify this process so that through ORM techniques, you can build an optimal reputation for your company.

ORM techniques to develop the prestige of your employees and your company

The way in which digital media have become the supreme disseminators of information, can give us an idea of how we can add credit to the image of the company. Of course, this is followed by a basic training to the staff; what is the objective, the benefit of this and how to get it.

Use social networks to your advantage

Mainly, social networks are the most important way to establish a personal image marketing strategy plan; this, to increase the reputation of your company with the help of employees, is more than useful.

Most people have profiles on different social platforms. Then you can give admins powers on Facebook or Twitter to some employees to develop content of interest to the rest of the staff and invite them to interact with the platforms.

Create staff accounts on Twitter and link them to the company’s main account and interact through the platform. Make the process dynamic, involve participation through comments and content, which encourage participation in a professional and proactive way among employees in the community.

Create an environment in the networks that is pleasant for employees; that makes them want to participate without the need to be asked. Make them proud and worthy to represent the company.

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Set a Direction Criteria

The idea of social networks is convenient because not only the staff involved and managers can observe the content, but also other people outside this relationship can see what the company is made.

This undoubtedly attracts attention; what is important is that it is motivated by good reasons and not by bad ones. That is why it is convenient that, in order to involve the personnel to the interaction in the platforms; it is necessary to establish a fundamental criterion to address as a member that represents the interests of the company.

This implies the type of content that should be handled in the platforms, the way in which the language should be directed and some dynamic programming edges for better group adhesion.

Create a Corporate Blog

Social networks undoubtedly involve a very good tool to support the prestige of your company. But something better directed can be a corporate blog of the company. Where the profiles are more developed from the professional way and is also a reason of benefit for employees, because their reputation grows in their curriculum, the better the interaction in the platform.

This blog can have spaces recreated to the dynamism of the staff; inducing them to manage information or culture common to all and interact with this; commenting, adding, providing suggestions, reporting progress and celebrating achievements.

Each employee can have a profile where their performance is displayed and they can relate their experience with the company; in order to make it attractive for other companies looking for good professionals, convenient for them; and attractive for good employees looking for companies like yours.

Support LinkedIn

In this social community it is possible to make curricular growth one of the best found concurrences for companies and employees. The inclination for professional profiles can easily stand out when; within the company’s own network in this platform, its employees are directly involved with the company’s profile and this with the profiles of its employees.

If your company and its employees are still not taking advantage of the prestige offered by these ORM techniques, then right now is the time to start growing; and if you’ve already grown, then go be even bigger.

técnicas de ORM - artech digital

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