At this point of the game we know well that the success of our website depends on SEO; which is why today we are very well placed the idea that it is necessary to live the SEO, in itself to reach as high as our website deserves it

By optimizing your website you are not only cleaning it as a porcelain cup, you are selling, you are going up and therefore, the better and more polished, higher and more expensive. So, we cannot waste time, so not to ramble between the techniques that you suggest neighbors, here we point infallible techniques for an effective SEO and an imminent positioning of your website.

Learn How to Optimize Your Website for SEO

First of all, no one or nothing escapes from a keyword

Start the title of your website with the keyword with which you are going to develop it: It is very convenient to bring the keyword as close as possible to the beginning of the title of the content because that way Google (or any search engine) is easier to categorize the content of your website.

However, to attract the public we need we must match our words with our intentions, that is why expressing it is very important. So;

Add modifiers to the title: This means nothing more than putting the right words to define our content. For example, if we want them to know that your thing is new then we add “2019”. In the same way you can add categorical attributions whatever you describe in the title, such as Worse”, “Better” or “Infallible”. And it is also a good principle to know how to identify what the content is about; Tutorial, Manual, Review, Criticism, etc…

Make your keyword shine: When you write a text go through everything and let them know in the first 100 or 200 characters; that they have to love your keyword (of course, without losing their sanity and eloquence).

This as a SEO technique makes the bots, put out there to see how we do it, link the keyword with every element that can contain it in every corner of our website; and evidence the quality of our content compared to what any other has.

Give the touch LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) to your keyword: To increase the efficiency of your keyword; you can search with which other words can be related directly or indirectly in the same search engine; unite them and play a little with them throughout your content.

It is necessary to make it look good and to make it be optimal

Sensitive content: Essentially you must take care of the organization of your website. Anyone who clicks on a page from their phone and it does not respond in at least 5 seconds or a little more; would change their mind and go to another site.

You have to be responsible to appreciate the perspective of each type of user; therefore, so you do not run away the interested ones; they must keep a friendly content for the different platforms.

Taking into account the details such as when writing each paragraph do not exceed; 4 lines and lighten the interface by optimizing the visual material making it less heavy, you can keep many satisfied.

Avoiding the Bounce Rate: This of them leaving before arriving is not very convenient, but they go away because what they see does not please them… we are already bad.

But that can be solved by first hand astonishing visitors with multimedia content included in your website. Not everything in this life is images or videos, you have to go further, infographics; animations, buttons to interact. And of course, always friendly and optimized.

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Optimize images: Not only is it necessary to treat a good resolution to satisfy visitors, it is also necessary; to make even the name of our image make the search engine; perceive us from all angles. If you put your keyword in the name of the image file you make SEO essential to position your website.

Concentrate certain efforts on text distribution

Properly label titles with h1 and subtitles with h2: In most CMS’s you can find this function that is very important for SEO; because it shows the algorithm of the search engine that the information is aligned. These titles and subtitles must of course include, like a cherry on a cake, the favorite keyword you have chosen for the topic.

Have efficient, well argued and enveloping material: It is essential that the content of your website is interesting, for this reason; it is known that interesting content is not exactly shallow or stilted. Speaking of numbers the experts suggest that the written content is not less than 500 characters.

That’s why, as a tip, we suggest that you give them a good dose of very precise information and, please; don’t bore them. It is highly desirable to get your visitors to come, see and stay.

Both inside and outside your website is always beneficial that we hold on to the links

Outbound Links: The outgoing links on your website can help you to position better; especially when the pages to which users are redirected also have material of interest like yours. Now imagine if he returns the favor.

Internal Links: There is no one better than you to know what you have. That’s why it’s very useful to link the information in each of your content so that your visitors can keep reviewing similar topics without leaving your website.

Buttons to share: Going with the story to friends is easier when it only costs you a click. Adding share buttons on your website considerably increases your reach.

The technical details…

Increase the speed of the site: Occasionally it might not be enough to optimize the content to speed up the loading of your page. Therefore, as a solution, you could consider hosting your site; improving your server plan; switching to a more efficient one or even using a more convenient CMS; for the development of your website.

The URL: In order for the search engine to be able to position itself, it first has to know where you are, that’s why it’s better; if we do the simplest job and at the moment of naming the address of your page use something short; simple and of course you can’t forget your keyword.

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