Pay per click advertising is the perfect tool if you want to achieve organic searches; more and more organizations are looking to implement inexpensive but lucrative pay-per-click advertising campaigns; they are also looking for marketers with technology knowledge and traditional training to lead them.

Today there is a great trend of massive acquisitions of companies on the Internet, whose businesses exist only through the screen. Companies that don’t even have physical offices but are absorbed by large enterprises like Google, Yahoo!, Facebook and Microsoft for millions of dollars each year. This is referred to as “pay-per-click advertising”.

The pioneering company of Overture

Overture is a clear example of the rollout of pay-per-click advertising by Yahoo! in 2003 for $1.63 billion.

Overture wanted to introduce the different one but to make it generate both economic income and organic visits. The investment paid off, as pay-per-click advertising generated more than $9 billion in revenue in 2004, according to Internet World Stats.

As a result of that amazing investment, Yahoo! was not the only corporation in the pay-per-click advertising business; but it saw great rewards from buying Overture in a short period of time. Thanks to the good outcomes, many companies are looking to implement pay-per-click advertising as a benefit to their online businesses.

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¿But what is pay-per-click advertising marketing really?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is responsible for what is acquired in the method of advertising space on internet platforms that takes advantage of organic search terms in web search engines.

The way the PPC works is that marketers pay web space owners, such as a search engine results page or a specific web page, a certain amount of money each time an internet user clicks on their specific ad.

Pay-per-click has evolved since it was first brought to a TED conference in 1998 by Idealab founder Bill Gross.

¿Who uses pay-per-click marketing?

Business owners are attracted to pay-per-click advertising because it can be highly profitable at a low cost. PPC allows a company to reach an audience probably interested in what the company offers, since many PPC ads only appear on web pages and search results that are related to the product.

Investment of the PPC

Pay per click as we have outlined, is the essential tool for your business website that takes advantage of massive organic searches.

We must be mindful that in order to achieve pay-per-click advertising, it is necessary to deploy the appropriate price per click, the appropriate placement of the ad and the indicated number of clicks purchased. In this way, PPC can generate an impressive return on investment (ROI).

¿How does a company benefit from PPC?

A company can control exactly how many people react to its ad by setting a maximum number of pay clicks; simply by watching how many of those clicks turn into sales.

Using an equation that includes the number of paid clicks, cost per click, average sales price and customer conversion frequency, calculating ROI is simple arithmetic. Search engines such as Google and Bing are some of the most popular providers of PPC advertising space.

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So, this is how the internet evolves every second and how we can benefit from it. The web provides us with a wide range of marketing systems such as PPC or Pay Per Click.

Those who enter the profession with complete training in these systems, will have a great advantage over those who are stuck learning as they work.


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