Following complaints made by “” an online pediatrics blog, reporting Possible Threats on YouTube; pronounces itself with the statement of actions related to the safety of children; and has requested the involvement of the user community in notifying the community of such content that may be considered Threats on YouTube.

Possible Threats on YouTube

The controversy sparked by the complaint issued through pedimon; it is motivated after an American doctor while watching her daughter follow cartoons; on the YouTube Kids platform, an advertising space appeared where a character who calls himself “Filthy Frank”; pretending to cut his veins while saying “Remember children; side by side to call attention, long for results”.

This video, after the report, was erased by the administration because it was considered a possible threats Internet  to YouTube. For this reason, media executives asked the users to report this type of inappropriate content; because the content filtering media is not done manually, but rather; there is an automatic filtering mechanism, and this one many times; it is not one hundred percent efficient and Possible threats are filtered on YouTube”.

Also, other social networks such as Facebook that has been fined for not protecting user data. It is evident that you must be careful with this issue and even more if you own a website or a social network. In fact another social network that cost the stability of users is Google Plus that closes its doors after security failure and affecting millions of users.

YouTube’s reaction to this complaint was straightforward about cancelling “certain channels that attempt to endanger children in any way.

Threats on YouTube - artech digital

Threats are considered from Spain on YouTube

Adoni Ansean, president of the Spanish Society of Suicidology, offers his own opinion on the matter, saying that in these platforms it is always possible to obtain content that is inappropriate for children. Images of self-injury behaviour, suicides transmitted in direct, incitements to attack one’s own life; and even cases such as the suicidal challenges of the blue whale; and it is this very factor that makes us stop to think that it is important to take care of the children of the Internet and their risks.

He added that despite the fact that possible threats on YouTube have been contained through controls, barriers and restrictions on content, it is a rather complicated task to “put doors to the field.

The Youtuber Matt Watson, published a video on the platform, last February 17, where he reported demonstrating how easy it is on YouTube to come across content starring children. These, appearing in the recommendations based on the searches of the users; they are not located as Possible threats in YouTube, but the comments that approach it; they are emitted to sexualize the scenes of the graphical content.

Threats on YouTube - artech digital

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These comments are full of expressions that are unpleasant and also involve predatory behavior among users who comment on them. This video accumulated more than two million visits only the day of its publication; circumstance that made enough echo for YouTube to take its own forecasts.

As YouTube reacted to this situation, it was acting under the principles of protection policy; disabling; comments from tens of millions of videos that could be subject to predatory behavior.

And that this measure will extend to Possible Threats on YouTube, where children may be at risk of; attracting predatory behavior.

In addition, YouTube advanced the launch of a more effective qualifier to identify and delete Possible Threats on YouTube; left in abusive comments, without affecting the monetization of the video.

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