A marketing strategy does not always have the desired success, and as no one is exempt from it, in this case we will talk about rebranding, a technique that will help you resolve any setback that you are presented with the results of your proposal.

What is rebranding?

A very practical concept to rebranding is the creation of a new appearance for a product or established company. Its objective is to influence the customer’s perception of your services; revitalizing the brand with a more modern and relevant proposal tailored to their needs.

Always keep in mind that when submitting a proposal, the company must have the desire to evolve and renew constantly or will not survive the new technological desires currently presented by customers, to name a very specific example, we can say that the profiles of Instagram, Facebook, which allow customers to be aware of the innovations of the brand.

Main reasons to start it in your strategy

Aesthetic deviation

The first thing to recognize this item is asking you questions such as: but when did we start to look like from another era? There is not always time to recover a notorious gap in aesthetics, but if the brand is strong and competitive, it probably is.

Currently there are many technological tools that allow you to excel in the project. The big social networks (Instagram, Facebook, others), already have filters that help you so that the corporate visual identity is not relegated in time.

The brand does not stand out

Differentiation is an important point in branding and if it does not happen, the brand has no route. An exercise of notoriety must cling to some strategic turn of the brand that supports it, such as an anniversary, a flotation on the stock exchange or a commercial agreement of great relevance, keep active in your social networks.

New competitor or technological advance

Something new will always appear. If a new competitor enters the arena, the benefit of switching brands a posteriori is that they have already played their cards which will allow you to move and play your game with another type of advantage; Do you want to align with them? Are you going to go in a completely different direction? Will you try to work with them?

Reputational Crisis

It is a good opportunity to show a real change in the management of the company once the crisis is over. If the company is also a certain size, the evolution will have a good press coverage that will facilitate the way to a cure. Whether it’s a change of name, identity or repositioning, the important thing is that the evolution is honest, transparent and not just a distraction maneuver.

Currently, if a company has a problem with reputation (negative actions, bad comments, among others), there are ORM strategies “online reputation cleaning” where they help you change all these negative aspects that you have on the network and also help to position yourself in the top positions of search engines such as Google.

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Brand protection

A bad strategy of registration and legal protection of the brand can lead to legal problems; that lead to a forced change of name / brand. In the same way that a rebranding that does not start with a protection perspective can ruin months of work.

Change or extension of audience

A repositioning is capable of transforming a company to allow you to look for new businesses that encourage different people to buy; but make sure you have a precise strategy to attract new customers while keeping existing ones, perform segmented studies of who sees your products, what audience you want to reach and what goals you want to achieve with these customers.

And what can’t be missing:

Staff talent

The best talent wants to work for the best brands. If you cannot hire the best professionals to consolidate the progress of your business; it is possible that your brand is not on par with industry standards, but do not stay without trying currently there are free online courses, where your staff can be instructed and always be trained in strategies and techniques of the moment.

It is important to emphasize that every company at some point requires a marketing impulse to create noise, which should help a company to realign the way it visualizes its progress in the future, in short, reconnect people, business and brand.

Source: Redaction/ ForoMarketing 

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