SEO positioning in search engines is one of the most common practices currently performed as far as the Web is concerned; a page that does not work correctly the SEO could find itself in a stagnation that will prevent it from achieving its objectives.

This strategy that includes different actions must be carried out independently if it is a new project or a Web page already created; and the way to carry out this practice can depend on many factors, such as your location, Target, budget and more.

Carrying out SEO is extremely important and delicate at the same time; a bad SEO or Black Hat SEO; could lead to the burial of your Web and get out of this state is one of the most difficult practices.

SEO positioning in search engines

Bringing your website to the first results through SEO is possible and even more so if you use certain tips; these will help make your journey faster and above all more effective, achieving your Web objectives and optimizing your memories.

It should be noted that the following tips can be applied to any website regardless of its target or approach; as they are based on generic design strategies, links or campaigns that work the same way for different websites.

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Adapt to all devices

At present it is almost a blunder not to comply with this rule; taking into account the diversity of devices, which are a constant source of connection for regular users of the Web.

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Here we refer specifically to the design of these, so that it is pleasant for the user to navigate the page; independently of the equipment that this one is using, whether it is a Smartphone, a Tablet or a desktop computer.

Remember that having a responsive web page is highly valued, but not only by the users who will navigate comfortably; but also by the search engines that take this aspect of your web very much into account.

Join the social networks

If your goal is to improve SEO positioning in search engines and reach the first desired positions faster; you should not leave aside social networks and their great power to attract users and redirect that traffic directly to your Web.

There are millions of users who connect daily to their networks and it is this active audience; that you must capture this must be accompanied by a Content Marketing; that captures the interest of the user and makes it go to the Web.

In addition, you must offer something eye-catching depending on what your objective is; a coupon, an online course, an e-book, etc; this accompanied by a short and concise form where you get the user’s name and email for possible future email marketing contacts.

Know your target as yourself

It’s not just about bringing users to your site, it’s about keeping them loyal to it; keeping them, entertaining them and making them visit more times; this is directly related to the importance given by the engines to the time a user remains on the site.

Don’t just try to know your target, think like them, what title they would like; what information attracts their attention, so that you can keep them and increase your points; so that your SEO positioning in search engines is faster.

Don’t refuse advertising

Although when we talk about paying for advertising we are referring specifically to SEM, rather than SEO, it is also a valid strategy; and if we combine both we can get an extremely fast and effective positioning.

Now that you have these tips, what do you expect to take your website to the top positions through SEO positioning in search engines?

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