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To achieve in walking your hotel into success; it is ideal to achieve SEO positioning for hotels. And it is that the SEO is more and more an indispensable tool. So, dedicated to this particular business niche; we offer you a series of tips with which you have more opportunities to achieve it:

Maximize textual and graphic content
Many hotel websites have just the right information for users to know, only in general, the characteristics of the hotel. This is an erroneous strategy, given that on the one hand there is no SEO positioning for hotels due to the type of content and, in addition, users are motivated to look for information about the hotel in other comparative portals or opinion forums.

Given that we have control over the website, we should maximize the content of the hotel, its services, rooms, strengthen its commercial attractions but, above all, optimize such content to obtain a SEO positioning for appropriate hotels.


SEO para hoteles - Artech Digital

Analyze your users’ internal searches

Having an optimal search engine on the hotel website is functional, but also an SEO tool if it is analyzed correctly. If we identify those searches of the most frequent users; we have a source of information of the terms that are most interesting for them.

Create related content and redirect those searches to internal pages, which are positioned more easily so that not only from the web but also from the search engine itself get more visits.

Combine Google Business with Google Hotel Ads

The combination SEO + SEM is always a good strategy. In the case of hotels, this also means taking advantage of the Google Business tool for companies, with the specific advertising promotion for hotels, Google Hotel Ads.

Thanks to the fact that we approach both environments; we achieve a greater presence in the search engine results page and the possibilities of obtaining a visit are multiplied.

Thanks to the fact that we approach both environments; we achieve a greater presence in the search results page of the search engine and the possibilities of obtaining a visit are multiplied.

Allows comments about the hotel

Finally, comments can become your best promotional and commercial ally. Keep in mind that if you offer an optimal service; the probability of having negative comments is minimal and, in any case, you can control their publication and location, something impossible in environments outside your website.

However, comments offer an extra promotional appeal and it is the fact that they constantly update the website. Thanks to this, the pages that are usually static like the hotel informative ones; they receive a content update, which sometimes includes very interesting terms for their SEO positioning.



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