Streamity is building its own ICO to exchange on the P2P platform. Where transactions will be blocked in an intelligent contract; to enforce maximum security and avoid loss of funds from the platform wallet.

After a successful pre-sales campaign a month ago, Streamity is building its own cryptomone; the platform is just two days before the start of its main ICO.

Take two phases starts on 12/03/2018 and ends on 25/03/2018. The second phase will start on 16/04/2018 and end on 28/04/2018.

Streamity is building its own ICO

During the period prior to the sale, the exchange project successfully raised US$ 2.8 million from its investors. During this period, each token was traded at US$0.2 and an additional 30% bonus was added to each token purchased during the pre-sale.

The project also plans to incorporate educational and information analysis resources that will provide education and news about crypto coins to its users.

In addition, the project plans to make all of its services accessible through a smartphone application, which will maintain end-to-end security and allow easy access to users while they travel.

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With a team of some of the industry’s best experts, there is no doubt that Streamity will achieve its goals as seen during the pre-ICO.

The first phase of ICO

On 12.03.2018, it will begin at 9:00 AM GMT. During this period, 100,000,000 STM tokens will be offered to investors at the same US$ 0.2 as before during the pre-sale. A 20% bonus will be added for each STM chip purchased during the first day of the first phase of ICO.

From day two until day 14 of ICO, a 15% bonus will be added for each purchase during this time. The price of the STM token will remain constant at US$ 0.2 throughout thed ICO period.

Streamity ICO team is committed to developing a powerful and transparent StreamDesk service, which will be used for the exchange of crypto coins into fiduciary currency without the involvement of intermediaries.

StreamDesk P2P exchange platform will process secure exchange orders and cost less money in terms of exchange rates.

Streamity - Ico - Artech Digital

Second phase of ICO

Is also the last ICO for the mass sale of the product; it will start on 16.04.2018 and end on 28.04.2018.

During this period, around 25,000 STM chips will be offered for sale at a constant price of US$ 0.2 each. The project offers a 10% bonus on purchase for each STM token purchased during this period.

After completing the ICO Streamity process; it will allocate funds for the different core activities necessary for the success of the project.

  • 40% will be used for product development, including the StreamDesk platform and all relevant tools needed to operate the platform.
  • 25% of the funds will be used to market the platform to allow it to advance in the market and attract more new users.

Marketing in this context will involve promotions on social networks and SEO on google. Another 25% of the funds will be kept as reserve funds for future use and development, while around 10% will go to lawyers and legal experts who will represent Streamity when the need arises.

The following crypto currencies and trust money are accepted to purchase STM tokens from the Streamity website. BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, USD, EUR.

For more information about the project you can visit the official Streamity site.


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