Undoubtedly the video is creating new trends in marketing and as a specialist or social media fan you must know them, how to capture the attention of your audience with this tool and what are its benefits for your brand or website.

Video and new trends in Marketing

This boom in what’s going on at the moment with such striking audiovisual material as video has an explanation; and of course they are the acclaimed and beloved Streaming services.

Added to this is the large number of consumers who own these services, which are currently the kings of the audiovisual market offering a variety of services at affordable costs, as well as comfortable to obtain and visualize.

Added to this is the fact that many regular users of traditional television have cancelled their subscriptions; preferring to maintain Streaming services, this has created new trends in Marketing 2018.

Possibility of segmentation

And the magic in these media lies in the possibility of segmentation offered for marketing strategies; this factor is significantly important for professionals in the subject; because it allows them to make their advertising even more effective.

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Among the main platforms mentioned above we find YouTube; which marked a before and after in the advertising of 2018; it also reveals its criteria of segmentation and delimitation of users.

YouTube targeting criteria

First this platform seeks to segment by the most basic points, which are location, age, gender and in some cases income; also takes into account affiliations, visits to pages, recurrent searches to feed the database.

Once the platform detects the user’s interest and other data, it prepares to classify them; and it is based on this that the advertising guidelines directed to the ideal users are made according to the need of the brand.

Video and new trends in Marketing - Artech Digital

Now comes into play the events and interests of purchase, not all the information is for all users; this is evaluated by the user’s navigation and what relationship; these data have with a specific event, brand or product.

Added to this is remarking which is a reminder strategy of a brand or product is specific, I am as long as the user has shown a price interest in the brand or product.

Points to consider

This process of knowing each user’s data and linking it to the right content based on segmentation is no easy task; finding the right strategies and linking them to the specific consumer requires preparation and knowledge.

In addition, taking into account the Return Of the Investment ( ROI), which must be an important point in the strategy, how much the company will invest, and how much it will earn from it.

Social networks and their advertising

With more than three thousand users between Facebook and Instagram; social networks are undoubtedly an excellent option, as they allow the introduction of new trends in marketing in video format within a platform in which users enjoy navigation.

This must be accompanied by a pre-production process where the audiovisual content is designed and created; and then proceeds to carry out the process of publishing the advertising.

Once you know the possibilities of the videos within your strategy that can strengthen it; don’t hesitate to implement them as long as they are aimed at your Target audience and made for you to enjoy.

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