Talking about WordPress SEO Plugins is coming to the surface as we observe the rapid evolution of the platform to SEO our site on the web.

The additional functions implied by Plugins are definitely inclined towards SEO; since it has been evident for some time now that the key to positioning is in the details; details that only SEO can take care of.

That’s why we have here a selection of WordPress SEO Plugins so that you can find out what they are; what they do and how they can help you improve your optimization and positioning strategy.

WordPress SEO Plugins that facilitate your strategy

Mainly, you have to know how to tell Google; how our website is structured, so that their algorithms consider our site through the site map; organization and optimal content; rating … and so on.  For this, it is essential to have the right tools.

Google XML Sitemap

With this plugin we can easily configure the site map of our site, which will allow the best optimization and indexing by Google. This is indispensable in any page.

 Once the Sitemap is configured it is important to have this plugin. SEO by Yoast is the best plugin to optimize the SEO in WordPress, because it allows to change in a very simple way all the parameters that will affect the SEO of our web to be able to rank higher.

Table of Content plus

This plugin improves the bounce rate by getting people to click the links in the table of contents many times.

This action for Google is as if the user surfs the web and stops counting, as it has seen only a single page to count as 2. As a result of this improves our position in search engines.

Yet another stars rating

The Star Plugin is one of the most interesting that stands in front of the SEO on our website. What this plugin does is that stars appear in your content, which allow you to improve the CTR (click rate) and ranking.

Fuzzy SEO Boost

The long tail keywords sometimes keep a certain complexity in their use. This plugin helps to track the searches of the users who come to your website, entering their searches as keywords at the end of each content.


Increasing authority with images is not such a complicated task when you have this plugin. What it does is link images related to the content, increasing the authority of the site.

In addition, you can connect to Flickr to easily manage content on your administrator’s account.

Broken Link Checker

Among WordPress SEO Plugins, Broken Link Checker stands out for its particular functionality. Its function is to be able to edit broken links in the content, without having to modify them entirely.

WordPress Google Analytics By Yoast

Controlling Google Analytics statistics has never been easier than with this plugin. This is offered as a precise tool to control Google Analytics; although there are several other Plugins that fulfill this same function, what makes this one special is the loyalty of the developer, Yoast.

But security is also important

Without a doubt, the WordPress SEO Plugins constitute a definite advantage over the development of the optimization of our site; also as a variant, it is taken into account almost immediately that security also implies your own commitment.

That’s why we also add the WordPress Security Plugins here, which are more suited to the needs of developers and non-developers alike.

iThemes Security

The security and maintenance of WordPress is definitely facilitated in a very large measure with this plugin. It also has a backup function, because you never know when you’re going to have surprises; and we need a backup of our WordPress.

Akismet and Anti-spam

Akismet is an anti-spam plugin designed for personal websites; it is one of the most used because it is efficient and free.

Anti-spam, is another of the most efficient to repel spam. This is used in hidden fields with CSS, to put traps in the way of spam robots.

Limit Login Attempts

This plugin limits access attempts to your WordPress account. After several unsuccessful attempts it blocks access to that IP for a configurable time. Completely free and very necessary when you start to have some traffic and increase attacks to your website.


This plugin covers several security aspects at the same time, making it the best choice: firewall, malware scanning and functionality similar to Limit Login Attempts. It has a good file analysis engine and allows to see in real time the analysis of visitors.

Source: Redaction/NeoAttack

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