In the world of SEO professionals in the subject have very clear that the backbone of positioning are the links. They are important factors when it comes to positioning and classifying. But ¿What happens when we talk about links penalized by Google?  Your site can be algorithmically degraded by Google, or even worse, you get a hand action.

While Google knows how to maintain that “good” links can serve to ignore “bad” links; enough bad links can damage your site’s ranking.

In this part, we will show you 3 links that could be penalized by Google and how you can avoid them.

3 links penalized by Google ¡Avoid them!

Link press release

Press release links were popular about 10 years ago. These links were very easy to get.

All I had to do was write a press release and distribute it to hundreds of press release distribution sites.

¿What can we do? If it is absolutely necessary to have a link to a website due to factors beyond your control, use naked URLs or branded URLs as anchor text, and use only one link from the contact area of the press release.

Link Forum

Keep in mind that NOT all link forums are bad. If a link comes from a good quality site, an established user, and the link itself is not manipulative or spam, you probably want to keep it.

However, if you have thousands of links from foreign discussion forums, all of which are low quality spam links and continue to enter, you may want to reject them.

Any link that looks like spam won’t do Google any favors.

Many NoFollow random links

¿Do you think you can fool Google by randomly assigning your footprint enough so that your spam link isn’t detected? Think again.

If you’re not using an automated program, Google will find your footprint. Humans are naturally creatures of habit. It’s extremely difficult to create random footprints that you think Internet won’t detect.

If you’re using an automated program, it’s increasingly likely that Google will find the footprint of that automated program, unless it’s really random.

¿Why? The simple fact of not following the link is a fingerprint.

Thousands of links from many different sites that are not followed are an indicator that something unwanted is happening.

Then, taking into account these main and important goals to determine which links penalized by Google, your website will be safe. However, never stop following the performance of your website, do not trust yourself if you see that the page is in its best traffic moments, always keep in mind that your website should go for more.

Source: Search Engine Journal/Redaction

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