Bosch, the giant of the electronics is associated this time with IOTA for a common purpose; the launching of its new device which is in charge in the collection of data of Internet of the Things (IoT).

This alliance with the decentralized IOTA market was announced on November 12, through the Twitter platform, in a tweet made by the official account of Bosch.

Bosch + IOTA: Internet Data Collection of Things (IoT)

IOTA MarketPlace is a decentralized data marketplace where users can buy and sell access to active data streams; all under technologies developed and based on IOTA specifically.

It is worth mentioning that this purchase and sale of access is done through Masked Authenticated Messaging, better known as MAM; this is defined by the Bosch blog as a second layer data communication protocol.

MAM enables secure peer-to-peer data sharing through an encrypted channel, so subscribers can trust both the source and the integrity of the data, even if it is masked, notes Bosch in his blog.

Bosch XDK: a new product

Highlighted as Cross Domain Development Kit is the new connectivity device of the technological giant Bosch; defined by the same company as “a programmable prototyping platform of sensor devices and internet of things”.

Combining several technologies, this innovative device is seen as a viable solution for sensor nodes; among the outstanding technologies are sensors, data storage and networks, in order to adapt to its users.

Bosch - recolección de datos de Internet de las cosas - Artech Digital

This is due to the variety of users with different levels of programming experience that may exist on the platform; the purpose is that everyone can collect data in real time and in turn sell them on the IOTA MarketPlace.

It should be noted that previously there was no open source that was capable of accessing the XDK Bosch, so it was impossible for developers to connect the IOTA Tangle with the new product mentioned above.

Tangle is the name of the architecture of the IOTA protocol, which does not use blocks, unlike Blockchain technology; moreover, it does not need miners for its growth, since it is built on an acyclical directed graph.

DAG: Directed acyclical graph

This is known as a topologically ordered system in which different types of transactions are executed in different chains, also taking place simultaneously in the network.

Strategic Alliances

The development team XDK2MAM arrives together with the XDK of Bosch, to offer a code to the community IOTA; this is an open source code that allows to facilitate the interaction between the Tangle and the Hardware.

In other related topics

It is announced the launch of a proof of concept POC based on IOTA technology; by the Japanese technology company Fujitsu, in order to perform processes of Internet data collection of Things and audit trail in the manufacturing industry.

On the other hand Volkswagen together with IOTA demonstrated a POC based on Tangle for autonomous automobiles; allowing to transfer software updates by air, as part of the new connected automobile systems.

At the same time IOTA announces the arrival of MIOTA, which is the token of this technology; which joins the ledger hardware crypto-monitors.

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