The cryptocurrency show to be directly related to the notorious market growth occurred in 2017. This according to information published by entities linked to these platforms, as well as to the offers that can be seen in sites of purchase/sale of cryptocurrency.

One of the banks that created the Zelle platform, the Bank of America, said last Friday in a press release that recorded more than 23 million transactions in the fourth quarter of 2017 through Zelle.

This represented a total of almost 7 billion dollars, mobilized with this modality of interbank transfer between users and a 91% growth over 2016. Bank of America’s P2P transactions totaled $68 million in 2017.

The interesting thing about all this is that a visit to popular buying/selling sites of cryptocurrency such as “” and “” shows that when you select bank transfer or deposit into a bank account as payment method. Specific mentions of this type of P2P service appear, in particular Zelle.

There are also specific sites that offer the purchase of cryptocurrency, such as bitcoins with Zelle, as is the case with Paxful.

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Mark Monaco, director of the Business Payments unit at Bank of America, said:

We are very pleased to see Zelle’s overwhelming growth; as customers turn to mobile payments that are fast, easy and secure.

Zelle is another example of how we make it easier for our clients to better manage their finances.

Funds are sent with Zelle from one bank account to another; via a smartphone and the transfer is typically completed in a few minutes.

To carry out a transaction, only the recipient’s phone number or email address is required.


The most popular P2P payment applications in the U.S. are Venmo, Zelle and Circle Pay. All three work very similarly because they allow registered users to send and receive payments, and they have a high level of security.

The services are free when linked to a bank account or debit or credit card; except Venmo which charges 3% of the amount of the transaction when it is done through credit card.

Bank account holders use Zelle and may be listed as the most reliable; in addition, no details about the respective account are disclosed to third parties.

Circle Pay is the only application that allows international transfers, while Venmo and Zelle work only between U.S. banks.

Circle Pay is the most indicated (when it is accepted in the destination country) to send money outside the United States; while Venmo is the preferred when a debit or credit card is used as a means of payment.

Finally, if you don’t opt for the feasibility of connecting your bank account; with an application on your smartphone and your bank works with Zelle; then this may be one of the best ways to send and receive money quickly and securely. However, it should be noted that sending remittances internationally is another field in which cryptocurrency; have begun to gain a preferential position thanks to the security offered by blockchain technology.


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