Google Pagerank is the reputation or importance that Google gives to your website, measuring from 1 to 10; this is done through the links of other pages that redirect to yours, as a kind of positive vote.

Google PageRank is specifically for each page that was indexed on our site; it should be noted that the better Pagerank you have, the better positioning Google will give you.

Google Pagerank

If we look back to 2016 when Google Pagerank was public and tricks were applied to improve it; we can notice that it has changed significantly, all websites went down to 0 in Google Pagerank and became internal consumption for Google.

However, this does not diminish its importance; because Google continues to take it into account, only that it is no longer available to you; the following content will also help you to improve the content authority and page authority.

If we go to the essence of Pagerank and how to get it, it is easy to say; links from other websites that redirect to yours, however in practice is not as simple as it seems.

The principal thing will always be to have quality content, and although it is the most important thing it is not everything; it must come accompanied by determined strategies that improve your Pagerank number.

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Let’s start by mentioning the important authority of the page; this is an important point to choose where you want links; it is not only to have spread all over the Internet, but they are quality, have a relationship with your website and generate traffic.

First of all we have to ask for the links, just like that, you can run into some relevant Webmaster; once you choose it you can ask for the link and it will evaluate if you add any value to your website and its users.

This goes hand to hand with the well-known linkbuilding which is an extremely arduous, but effective strategy; it should be noted that the more you work on your linkbuilding, your Pagerank will improve significantly.

On the other side, the media are an important dissemination tool; therefore the task of making press releases and sending them to the media is very effective and will bring valuable traffic.

Artech Digital - Google Pagerank

At the same time directories are an important source of information, include yourself in each one you consider important; also in strategies that generate content such as blogs, forums, social networks and help other Webmasters.

Pagerank farms are an unreliable and extremely risky option for your website, taking into account that they can be penalized by Google and are also empty of content and superficially commercial.

On the other hand the anchor texts also known as Anchor Text are the phrases to which a hyperlink is added; this takes your strategy to make them more effective and eye-catching.

If it is the case of a social networking ebook being given away; it is better to place download your social networking ebook to simply place click here.

Quantity vs quality

This dispute is found in almost all areas of everyday life, however, for Google is more relevant the quality of these links, regardless of how many.

Therefore, it is recommended to have 10 web links with Pagerank five points; that having 20 links as Pagerank 1 as a score, is basic mathematics, here less is more.

¿How to know the domain authority of a website?

It is extremely simple, just look for the extensions for Google Chrome and select the Moz bar that you must download for free, after installed it will appear under each website (while performing your searches) data such as the domain page and page authority.

This will help us to evaluate which page interests us most and will be more effective for our website; now that you know the Google Pagerank, include it in your strategy and take your website to total success.

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