The hashtag on social networks is currently one of the tools to increase the most well-known and used digital marketing strategies; contributing advantages to the publication made, from the segmentation and visualization of these. As well, it is considerable to establish them in marketing strategies; if you want to see results in your social networks.

Similarly, pioneers Instagram and Twitter use hashtags for two reasons: to improve online reputation, and to further increase their searches and improve their marketing strategies.

Hashtag on social networks

In consecuense, This tool provides benefits for publications and SEO. Among the most outstanding, this range offers using this tool your publication will go further.

Also to, use this tool must be evaluated certain aspects related to the trend; whenever a topic is trend, it will have its hashtag, this adds greater visibility and consequently greater reach.

The hashtag also contributes indirectly to the SEO positioning of your website, this is evaluated by the success of the post where the web was invited or where the page was made known in one way or another. Your digital marketing strategies are ready to increase.

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However, not everything is color of roses in the field of hashtag and networks, because if they are not well used, they could ruin a strategy and get in effect contrary to the desired.

Therefore, using a hashtag incorrectly is as simple as choosing them at random,that is to say, if you do not agree with the incorrect use of the text, as your publication may change, the idea is to use the most optimal hashtag that has the most connection

On the other hand, the excessive use of hashtag can generate rejection by the user who views the post, this has to do directly with the graphic part, excess hashtag is seen as unprofessionalism and ignorance.

It is also good, to take into account the phrase “no value it doesn’t work “ when you apply our hashtag; if you wrote an excellent animal care post and your hashtag is #SEO #MARKETING for example, you are not adding any value.

Artech Digital - hashtag on social networks

Social networks and the use of hashtag

To clarify, twitter is the pioneer in marketing strategies, the use of hashtag in social networks, within its platform is good and evaluating the theme of trends also influences the strategic marketing plan; these are the hashtag with greater visualization and use of the day.

Once you detect which are the trending topics; you simply must evaluate if it has relation the content that you will share; it is advisable to use maximum three hashtag in a post of this network; for its characteristic of few characters per tweet.

At the same time Instagram by allowing greater extension inside the post can be used up to 11 hashtag, depending on your strategy and the extension of your writing.

If you write a publication for your website where we insert the hashtag in the text, it will look better and less annoying; It is also recommended to add everything within a comment in the publication; this works in the same way and looks better.

On the other side, Pinterest has the option to search by hashtag in its main search engine; this makes them play an important role when placing them in publications.

Aquí se recomienda que sea lo más específico posible, si coloca un atuendo, es bueno agregar sus características; #jean #black #shirt #casual #outfitoftheday porque es probable que sea buscado por los usuarios.

Proper use of the hashtag

A few last tricks to write these hashtag are:

They should be short, not extending with the phrases used in the tags or hashtag; for example:

#RecommendationsForAnimalsInFleaandTickSituation this does not scale and is not user friendly. They must be direct and relate to the content of the post; and finally be used depending on the top hashtag of the day.