Purchase Funnel, known in Spanish as funnel conversion is a marketing resource, this is basically based on evaluating the journey of users from accessing the web to performing a specific function.

This option, depending on the page, can change from downloading an ebook to making a buy; and also detecting the end or abandonment by the user in these objectives.

Purchase Funnel

This process of monitoring the route is known as AIDA and is defined this way:

  • A (wareness) that refers to the first customer/company contact, the evaluation from the beginning; how did the user know about the company? Publicity, word of mouth, recommendation by another website, everything is evaluated.
  • I(nterest) that is defined itself as the investigation made by the potential client to the brand; the time invested in researching it, comparing it with other options and other details.
  • D(esire) desire and evaluation of the provider, this step is given once the brand has already been chosen, when you already have the clear purchase intention and now evaluate the advantages of your provider.
  • A(ction) and here are involved all the actions before the purchase, like election of products; these are the details or previous steps before the final objective stipulated by each company.

It can then be said that Purchase Funnel knows two extremely important phases; the knowledge phase, which is a principal objective of each company, get to know

And of course the purpose or task you want to be performed by the user, in most of the cases is the purchase, but this can differ depending on the Web.

Artech Digital - Purchase Funnel


Steps according to the company

Purchase Funnel goes from analytics to effectiveness and strategy, once the Purchase Funnel is used; it gives us practical and clear statistics of results, which can be easily analyzed.

The analytics come as a result of the web analysis and are part of the Purchase Funnel, while the effectiveness and strategy is a step that is applied after the evaluation of these.


The Purchase Funnel goes hand in hand with the E-commerce, since its creation was designed for him, and this is just an excellent ideal allied to this marketing strategy that looks for online sales.

Once a brand decides to apply E-commerce it must force its strategy with other tools; here it plays an important role in Puchase Funnel allowing to make that e-commerce more effective.

Persuasion and conviction

Here you will also learn some ideal techniques to take your potential customer from that purchase intention, to a safe purchase, with some tips applicable to different brands.

The principal one is to make of the route to the purchase the less possible steps, a short and comfortable route; and of course accompanied by a great button of purchase of striking color, always according to the web.

Offer free delivery or discounts on these; this will allow them to feel that lighten their spending, generating a decision with inclination towards your brand by this advantage offered.

Therefore, be concrete in terms of explanations and details in the process, except in particular cases where it is necessary; avoiding excessive reading or explanation will help them to make the decision faster.

Ask for few data, this will generate confidence with the client; feeling that you do not expect to violate their privacy, and coupled with this explains each and every one of the payment methods in the simplest way.

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