Get to know SEO and SEM and discover how they can be your allies to improve your web strategy; although both are applicable to your page, they do not follow the same objectives and here we explain it to you.


The natural growth of the web, positioning, content strategies and everything related to organic results is SEO; just like those ten desired positions of page one of the search engine.

On the other hand the SEM is the inorganic part of the strategy, which is related to paid publicity; commonly those start results that classify as ads.

Now the fact of differentiating them is not a difficult task, the SEM result is accompanied by a tag that qualifies them as an ad; while the SEO results found below do not have any specifics.


Since we know what SEO is and that it takes care of it is good to clarify that this is a strategy that gives long-term results, ie do not expect wonders in three months just by applying SEO to your website.

Remember that the organic positioning of a website depends on more than 300 different factors, which can also vary daily depending on the search engine.

Successful SEO

If you are starting in the world of the web and want to start boosting your page with SEO, it is advisable to use the long tail technique, this is based on using long keywords.

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In order to capture keywords with less intent to search but also less competitiveness; it is not the same for those looking for makeup base, than Mac makeup bases for oily skin.


The SEM defined as Search Engine Marketing is the inorganic practice of web positioning; this practice is useful regardless of the situation of our website.

If you are starting a project from scratch and you want to make it known, SEM helps you attract visitors; while if you already have a trajectory as a web will make you take advantage of opportunities.

The SEM is in fact applied for short and long term results; in the short term it is useful for the traffic that includes the web which is extremely useful to attract new potential customers.

At the same time, if you want long term results this helps you to keep the market segmented in the advertisements; this depends on how competitive your market is in the search engines.

Differences between SEO and SEM

There are many differences that divide the SEO and SEM, between the first is the cost of both; the SEM is a direct investment, while the SEO does not need monetary investment, but time and effort.

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This is joined by the positions in the search engine where the SEM reigns appearing first in any search; however there are also types of SEM at the bottom of the page but are not the most common.

On the other hand we have the use of keywords which are applied for both SEO and SEM, and is that although they are applicable to both, does not mean that the same way.

In SEM it is necessary that they are the keywords with more search intention in order to be more visualized; while in SEO an analysis is made between the search intention and the competition; and from there it is chosen which will be the best option.

Now that you know the difference and applicability of each one, it’s time to turn SEO and SEM into your allies; and boost your digital strategy at other levels.

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