The way things go with the world and its channel, it is always more evident than through a screen, almost everything is more versatile. If we leave the premise where we accept that “Content is king” (Link to Bill Gates), we must also acknowledge. The protagonism of the modern medium par excellence in content dissemination; the Smartphone and Digital Marketing as an intelligent tool for social media.

Our useful pocket partner is more than a tool, it is a lifestyle. The Smartphone is a lifestyle that the market already knows that in order to trade, they must reach it; and in order to reach it they must adapt to it.

Today there are varieties of tools, ranging from their uses on different platforms to their most fundamental functions. In cases where Digital Marketing is done through Social Media, there are many tools for every need.

For the Community Manager to manage his content is HootSuite, for example. For analytical data it has Google Analytics. To monitor your reputation you can count on And even to measure its influence on networks there is

¿But what if there were only one tool to do all this? Well, these days, it exists and it is the best intelligent tool in Digital Marketing; Mobile Pro.

Smartphone and Digital Marketing

This powerful tool, brought to the world by a group of Spanish developers, is not another limited platform. With MobilePro, extending into the international market from Barcelona, Spain, it has expanded to more than twelve countries on three different continents. Leaving a footprint of customers and users satisfied with the results provided by Smartphone and Digital Marketing.

The relevance of MobilePro, not only lies in its increased efficiency, but; highlighting what was found at the beginning, it knows how to get to the Smartphone. Unlike other platforms, which evolve content; mostly limited by its functions, it is also not user-friendly.

This certainty is the foundation of every MobilePro function. Throughout the characteristics of each one of its functions, one notices, almost as a virtue, the providence to generate friendly content for smartphones.

The transcendence of this feature goes beyond content. It goes as far as the user’s intention to make the most of it; as a tool to plan their moves in Digital Marketing.

¿What makes this smart tool special?

Whereas MobilePro has been developed by a company; with over 15 years of experience in know-how in the European market; we approach that good taste of people who know.

Mainly, for Digital Marketing, it is an imperative need; to determine the tastes of your customers to know when and how to offer. This tool, consists of automated protocols, which are based on the record of activity of the public with your content.

That is, if the platform notices that users are inclined to specific preferences within your networks; the automated posting of related content will be proportional to this inclination. This responds to principles of artificial intelligence, and of course, MobilePro does not dispense with your will and is also programmable.

This feature is of unimaginable benefit, because already today you can foresee that market efficiency; it can also be optimized through automated technology. In this regard, the implementation of these technologies, predict a future for humans; intuitive and efficient.

Smartphone and Digital Marketing - Artech Digital

Somos un equipo de profesionales enfocados y orientados a la obtención de resultados, ejecutamos la estrategia digital completa y de manera integrada desde el diseño de la pagina web, creacion de imagen, Infraestructura en la nube, Experiencia de Usuario UX, Usabilidad, Posicionamiento Web, SEO, SEM, ADWORDS, SMO, Analitica Web, Marketing de redes sociales, Facebook ADS.

The tools to improve the performance of your networks

They range from the creation of special contents to the monitoring figures, essential for marketing.  The Landing MobileTool, for example, is one of the most recent instruments of MobilePro. Allows you to create simple, eye-catching entry pages to instantly catch the user entering your website. Including 9 programs, including several with call to action features.

It generates attractive graphic content so that when a visitor arrives from his Smartphone, as soon as he sees the content, he feels like staying. Story Telling Tool, is the desired function for it; it tells stories, wraps, attracts clients and above all, sells.

Uppermail Mobile and Optin Tool are tools aimed at direct communication with users; through mails and sms’s, in order to get closer to them and make them loyal customers. It is important to make it clear; this is done under the compilation of information developed as a database. Therefore, MobilePro, sends selected content to selected people, in order to be more precise with the tastes of the user.

To keep your audience loyal, you count on Social Content Tool, which searches, creates, shares and measures the content you place on your social networks. These are just some of the very special utilities of MobilePro; a tool aimed at developing a better digital marketing for the personal screen; the Smartphone.

Yes, you didn’t, you already know. Now there is no time to lose; go for the best intelligent tool in digital marketing and make your visitors, your most loyal customers.


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