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Vistima - Reketon - Artech Digital

Elizabeth Ogaz of Chilean nationality, is an ordinary person whose job it is to have a local, selling ” Flowers ” and, she was the ex-employee of the marriage of the ex-president of the National Association of the Professional Football of Chile (ANFP) Sergio Jadue and her now “ex” Maria Inés Facuse, now she is a hits machine for her last words “Vistima” and “Reketon”. As a result of the divorce proceedings of both couples, the Chilean television channel “Welcome”; which broadcasts in the mornings, interviewed Elizabeth Ogaz, and said that Facuse was doing the “vistima”; meaning “victim”. Nevertheless, in another Chilean channel “VivaLaPipolCHV” they interviewed again Mrs. Ogaz where she referred to that she was going through a terrible “hell” after the mistake of the word “Victima”. In the second interview, Ogaz was talking with the host and said that “we are not all perfect in this life” and......

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