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Streamity - Ico - Artech Digital

Streamity is building its own ICO to exchange on the P2P platform. Where transactions will be blocked in an intelligent contract; to enforce maximum security and avoid loss of funds from the platform wallet. After a successful pre-sales campaign a month ago, Streamity is building its own cryptomone; the platform is just two days before the start of its main ICO. Take two phases starts on 12/03/2018 and ends on 25/03/2018. The second phase will start on 16/04/2018 and end on 28/04/2018. Streamity is building its own ICO During the period prior to the sale, the exchange project successfully raised US$ 2.8 million from its investors. During this period, each token was traded at US$0.2 and an additional 30% bonus was added to each token purchased during the pre-sale. The project also plans to incorporate educational and information analysis resources that will provide education and news about crypto coins to......

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