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website to the top of success- Artech Digital

When we want to open a website we expect that we will have many consumers and good online receptivity; to bring the website to the top of success. However, users must be given their own benefits like them to our website; therefore, slow sites make customers leave our page; because of the problem of not loading quickly what they are reading or listening, and simply leave, and that is where our website decays. To delight consumers, beat competitors, and please Google, your site should load in less than a second. And you’ll have to get there fast, otherwise your competitors could beat you to the finish line. ¿Does that sound impossible? Web throughput  is no longer an art, but a science. ¿How to accelerate the website to the top of success and get organic results? Use JPG images and optimize their size: The format of PNG images is an excellent format, preserves......

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