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Today 12 March marks the 30th birthday of the incredible World Wide Web, created by the physicist CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Physics); Sir Tim Berners-Lee, an invention that would change the whole world. Navigating the first web page is no match for the ones that have been developed in recent times. It had no colors, no photos, no videos. There were no graphics or animations. Just texts, hypertexts and a somewhat confusing set of menus. World Wide Web the king of the Web The World Wide Web was born at CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Physics, in Geneva (Switzerland), by the British engineer and physicist Tim Berners-Lee as a system for sharing data among the 10,000 scientists working at the institution. Thanks to that first WWW today we can ask Google any doubt we have; using Facebook and accessing millions of websites. Today it is an extremely powerful......

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