It is no secret to anybody that technology has monopolized all the branches of our daily life and work; One of these branches where we will refer is to marketing and also to the relationship that technology has had in all its advances.

This relationship, whether positive rather than negative, has brought representative and tangible benefits, such as how we observe the web, online sales, tools such as SEO, social networks, etc. So today we will give a brief summary of this explosive couple, such as marketing and technology, that can not be left aside.

Marketing and Technology

Technology has come to stay in all areas of Marketing and has opened new ways to see possibilities or alternatives to problems that were difficult to solve previously, however, the essence, which is the most important thing is still intact.

Marketing and technology allied to stay and make the best possible use, the most representative characteristics of this union are:

The way we see the web

Nowadays, we see how web pages have the possibility of offering all their clients endless products, in the categories they want; great difference to what was in the past since the stores were a physical space and Marketing departments were concerned about taking care of all the details of the store: from the shop windows to the provisions of the boxes, going through the flows of people, the signage, the offers, the disposition of the products, etc.

Online sale

Marketing and Technology, join to execute everything related to the world of emailing and online campaigns. Almost all the traditional knowledge of traditional direct marketing is applicable here, but instead of preparing letters or pieces of communication in conventional media, now emails, banners and other formats that are in the hands of technical teams are prepared.

 Management of customer relations “CRM”

For the Marketing professional, the most important thing is to listen to the client and take care of the relationships with them. Now thanks to technology we have infinite possibilities to manage customer relationships and have a 360 degree view of everything related to customers and prospects. In addition, thanks to it, it is more possible to monitor and control everything that happens around brands and customers.

Not only we can leave these three aspects as the most outstanding and leave aside the great importance that technology has had for the creation of new disciplines in the world of Marketing, as is everything related to tool SEO, SEM, Social Networks, Content Marketing, Community Manager, UX, Neuromarketing, etc.

Marketing and Technology is the one that can guarantee to make better products, more focused on the needs of clients to achieve better sales results; allowing the brand to bring more customers that stay in the long term.

Remember that it is important to always have links with your customers; They are what will give you the confidence you are looking for, with the tools of social networks or the web.

Source: Editorial: Conradoymas

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