The antiquity of the domain for Web positioning

Of all the factors, the web domain is probably the most important of all. The reason why seniority affects this term is that, probably, this domain, directly or indirectly, will have had some effect on SEO Web positioning.

Antiquity may blur it or even hide it with the passage of time; but at no time does it disappear at all.

Therefore, the longer a domain is present on the Internet, especially if it does so actively and with SEO positioning on its url correctly optimized, its potential for Web positioning is unbeatable.

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Although a domain that has been on the Internet for many years, should have more experience than others, this does not always happen. It is necessary to consider that the search engine robot is totally logical, therefore it will look for objective factors; to base its decision when it is in the process of ordering the indexed results.

Another element to take into account is that when registering the domain, it would be convenient to determine a contract with the domain registration provider, which is about 10 years. So that in this way the renewal is annual and automatic. That is to say that the search engine would take into account the domains that have a constant presence; and as a consequence it would reward them.

The age of the page to be optimized

Each internal page of a website can have a different antiquity. This age has an individual influence on each page, depending on the indexation and popularity that page has managed to accumulate over time.

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For a website in general, this age can be interesting if you choose the possibility of performing a historical SEO optimization, with which to recover the initial success obtained in the search results and, consequently, be able to better position the new content.

Contrary to having to create a new website with the content we are interested in positioning, with the old pages we can face many better options for success. In the same way, any objective that we set ourselves; based on the content that we will use as a novelty in that page will benefit the web positioning.

The antiquity of web positioning

A linkbulding strategy is one of the best approaches that we can develop; in order to be able to position with more success any web result that we consider.

If we rely on a linkbuilding already existing for some time, the antiquity will have a determining weight.

A linkbuilding achieved a long time ago, has a double edge. On the one hand, it will offer a stronger SEO positioning and consolidated over time. However, it also means that if such a directory; forum or website that links us goes into decline in relation to SEO positioning. Also the achievements obtained with it will see diminished all its online results.


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