Google is undoubtedly known to be the most innovative platform so far in different ways. For this reason, on this occasion this data analysis platform, known as BigQuery. It is the new tool that Google seeks to work with Ethereum; it will allow the exploration of intelligent contract analysis.

On the other hand, Google is looking for new contributors and projects related to Blockchain technology. That’s why BigQuery seeks to explore all of Ethereum’s historical data. Thus, the Ethereum ETL project in GitHub; it includes all the source code that can be extracted from the block chain and entered into BigQuery.

It should be noted that Google BigQuery is an annex to the Google Cloud.

However, the goal of merging Google with Ethereum is to make Ethereum Blockchain data accessible in the Google Cloud. Therefore, all data stored in the block chain is easily accessible.

While the Ethereum software contains APIs for randomly accessible functions; while, the Ethereum software contains APIs for randomly accessible functions.

However, if the API endpoints do not allow the Blockchain data to be seen as a whole; the BigQuery OLAP features do allow such an analysis.

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¿What is Google looking for with Ethereum and BigQuery?

Google BigQuery has already enabled call analysis based on intelligent contracts; transaction times and function analysis. BigQuery also looks at contract tables and data set transactions; to identify the most commonly used intelligent contracts based on transactions.

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Finally, much of the source code for the smart contract is available for free; which allows Google users to discover what functions contracts perform by name. Even functions that don’t have the source; since common function names have a common signature.

Google Cloud has given a boost to intelligent contract analysis through BigQuery. However, Google commented:

“To be able to visualize the API of blockchain is fundamental to make business decisions; like determining the priorities to improve the infrastructure of Ethereum. Also allow adjustments and balancing, determine if the system needs capacity upgrades, etc. will depend on BigQuery.”

In conclusion, Google’s cloud platform serves to merge Google with Ethereum; that is, to synchronize Ethereum’s blockchain computers using Parity.

Also using information from the Ethereum network on a daily basis; including the results of intelligent contract transactions. In other words, the way the BigQuery is going to work is through all the data that the platform gets on the internet.


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