The digital environment has two readers, users and search robots. For this reason, the use of bold for SEO positioning must be based on a style of its own that combines in the best possible way the naturalness of writing and reading with a valid application of the bold to achieve optimal positioning.

The use of bold for SEO positioning is one of the most traditional valid resources that exist; in addition, practically from the beginning of algorithms for positioning in search results.

When writing or preparing content in an online environment; the specialist must consider that he or she is in a digital media. Journalists know that they cannot keep the same style in all the different media. It’s the same with the Internet.

The professionalism and specialization of the SEO positioning manager with the capacity and common sense of the online marketing expert, will be vital to get this balance.

Use of bold for SEO positioning

The use of Bold for SEO positioning is of great importance because it is what gives the indication to the search engine that a keyword is important; applying the code “strong”. Something that normally CMS and text editors allow from a simple keystroke. Thanks to the extended use of Microsoft Word; to apply the use of bold to a keyword is not something unknown to most people.  

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It is good to point out that the one that notifies the search engine of its importance with respect to SEO positioning is that of “strong” and not the others.

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Bold characters must always be present, but keeping in mind that they specify which term is important for positioning. Abusing the use of bold would indicate to the algorithm that there are a large number of important keywords and; instead of giving them priority. Their strength will be diluted and none will be able to take advantage of this SEO positioning resource.

The last changes of algorithm Google has also asked the SEO positioning specialists some naturalness also in these resources. There’s nothing natural about limiting yourself to the same keyword for bold; so it also doesn’t serve as an SEO positioning resource.

The marking in bold with the keyword must be natural, and with some esthetic value in your text. Bold is the most important in terms of Keywords directly related to what we want to position, followed by underlining for secondary phrases and italics for textual citations and to comply with the rule.

The SEO positioning responsible with the capacity and common sense of the online marketing expert; will be vital to get that balance, a profession that is increasingly growing. Therefore, training in drafting, writing, and use of language is never too much in this profession.

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