“Ethereum is undoubtedly the most influential platform in the world of cryptocurrency.”

It is said that Ether’s future is much more promising than Bitcoin’s; all this is due to the innovative features of Ethereum. Which not only offer a cryptocurrency, but also offers an infinite number of tools and opportunities to all its users.

But as always you have to start with the basics. What’s Ethereum?

Ethereum is a platform, which allows the creation of intelligent contracts, through blockchain (also known as block chains). Also, Vitalik Buterin, who has been one of the most influential people in the world of cryptocurrency, since then founded this platform in July 2015 by the Russian.

This is a partially decentralized platform, since its owners, collaborators and partners still decide the future of the platform. Creating new technologies that guarantee the future of the platform and the increase of its cryptocurrency, which bears the name Ether.

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Is Ethereum a unique crypto currency?

Currently Ether is the cryptomone with the greatest future in the market, this is because the Ethereum platform. It is one of the most stable that exists today, however, there are five factors that stand out and are those that indicate that this cryptomone is totally unique. These factors are as follows:

  • Because behind the cryptocurrency, there is a stable platform with a promising future. One of the things that has helped the cryptomone to have the value it currently has; it is the platform behind it. Which has taken charge of giving it a real utility for all the people who possess this cryptocurrency. The platform is in constant improvement and therefore, the investors see in Ethereum; a platform with a guaranteed future and therefore, they decide to invest non-stop in the cryptomoneda.
  • Really low commissions and a blockchain that ensures this stays that way. Ether has really affordable commissions per transaction; and most cryptocurrencies at the start have really low commissions per transaction. However, they increase with the passing of time; as the blocks of information fill up and the processing capacity slows down. Finally making transactions take longer and cost much more.

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This is something that they have taken into account in Ethereum and therefore; their platform has a
great capacity for transactions, to guarantee two fundamental things:

– Fast Transactions.
– Low commissions.

Not to mention, the project owner has made it clear that he is working on a much more efficient system to reduce electricity consumption.

  • It is an inflationary currency, therefore, it has a more stable future unlike Bitcoin many cryptocurrency at present have a limit, ie, there can only be a certain amount of such cryptocurency, as with Bitcoin. This brings with it a consequence and that is that at the moment of reaching this limit, the price of the cryptocurrency will only increase, which far from being good is negative; since it does not guarantee the stability of the same one and if it is not stable, it cannot be easily used to carry out negotiations on a great scale.
  • Ethereum’s Intelligent Contracts, one of the most innovative and fastest things on the platform. It is a program that ensures that all terms put in the contract are met and cannot be modified by either party. Normally, intelligent contracts require an intermediary to manage the contract; however, in Ethereum, this is not necessary, since the same platform functions as an intermediary.
  • Ether is undoubtedly the cryptomontage with the greatest future today, despite the fact that new projects have been born that promise to be the cryptomontage that will revolutionise the financial world forever; really the only one that really has that capacity and so far has demonstrated it, is Ether, as its platform has been a pioneer on countless occasions.


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