Linkbuilding SEO strategy is highly effective, allowing it to position itself effectively; it also demonstrates to Google the relevance and value of your website to users.

The application of a Linkbuilding SEO strategy can become your best ally; however you must know how to apply it correctly, because otherwise you will get unwanted effects.

Linkbuilding SEO Strategy

The basis of this Linkbuilding SEO strategy is nothing more than the use of external links to your website that redirect to it; the more links to your website exist over the Internet, it is assumed that they have more relevant content and value.

It is advisable to note that SEO as we know it today is divided into two great pillars, SEO OnPage and SEO OffPage and based on these two general SEO strategy is made.

As its name defines it, SEO OnPage refers to everything related to improvements in the web; this practice is closely related to indexability and relevance, key points in a web.

On the other hand the SEO OffPage is the territory where we have no authority; here comes into play Linkbuilding, in this pillar external links measure your success or failure inside the web.

There are two types of links that can be applied inside the search engines; all based on what we mentioned before, the authority.

Artech Digital - Linkbuilding SEO Strategy

The first is DoFollow, these have the ability to transmit authority; however all have this feature, the only way is to specify the opposite at the time of writing.

Here comes into play the second type, which is NoFollow and is characterized by not transmitting authority; this is achieved through an HTML tag that is written as rel=”nofollow”.

It is recommended that you do not limit yourself to using only one type of link, this generates mistrust on the part of Google; although you will certainly not be able to choose which type of link external websites use yours.

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To start your OffPage strategy is recommended that you have optimized the OnPage; because it will provide better results, also the link profile of a good Linkbuilding SEO Strategy should be as diverse as possible.

It is good to always remember before you make a Linkbuilding’s SEO strategy; that the objective is to attract traffic to your website; if the link does not bring traffic to your website is a relatively lost job.

Vías de Linkbuilding

For example, social networks are an excellent redirection tool to use links, if your website has networks and also apply the relevant strategies to be optimized, they could become a good ally.

On the other hand are the directories or yellow pages, these tend to be many so it is good to choose them in detail, depending on whether you are a company or independent can change, you should look for those that suit your requirement.

It is also applicable to interact through comments with blogs of other people or companies; taking advantage to place your link, however be careful, this could be taken as spam if you do not add value.

At the same time the media are usually an excellent option; acquiring space on their websites is very effective, the contra of this option is its price; usually seems high if you are not willing to invest in your strategy.

And finally we have the guest posting that is nothing more than spaces in other blogs where you can include your link, but you must evaluate if this site brings the traffic you want.

Once your OnPage strategy is optimized, it’s time to try the linkbuilding SEO strategy; now that you have all the tools, take your website to another scale.

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