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As time goes by, new terms are added to the SEO experts’ dictionary, so there is no time to be left behind. You have to take what’s in the air, such as SEO Crawling; a trend that sets a definitive precedent in the way you can see your online optimization. Also, it is important to ask yourself, what is Crawling eaten with? How does it affect Positioning? It turns out that it does; it has some determinant incidence for the ranking in the positions of Google; next, a little more light on the matter. What do you eat Crawling with? Crawling is, fundamentally, the tracking that bots (crawlers) do on a website; reading and analyzing the structure and content of a website. These jump from page to page, by means of the links that are left. This way, speaking more directly of the own thing, the case of Google, that......

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