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The online fraud of which many are victims, because they neglect their digital identity, brings Venezuelans to their heads. The South American country has been transformed into a veritable river of turmoil that brings profits to phishers. Pablo Andrade, a native of Maturín, Monagas state in eastern Venezuela, has been living in Phoenix, Arizona, for 30 years. In that city, many people speak Spanish, but they are deprived of it because “it’s not a good idea”. However, he managed to find a refuge by becoming a Spanish’s teacher. Alfredo Pinzon Andrade, first cousin of the now American, has not stopped being in touch with him. Depending on the season of the year between Venezuela and Arizona there is a time difference of between 3 and 4 hours. Online fraud in the homeland Over the years and with technological advances, phone calls with distressing voices in delay were left behind. They......

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