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Google Platform

The new platform of Google arrives to facilitate the learning of digital programming and also of artificial intelligence. New from Google, called create in your language; It is a training platform in digital skills. Focusing on artificial intelligence, programming, database and photography. The platform is created by Comunidad IT, in Argentina and Colnodo, although under the direct support of Google. No previous knowledge in the matter is required; you only need to enter your site and register, “Creaentuidioma”. The subscription to the new platform of Google has a cost of 12 dollars per year, includes the certificate at the end of the course. Currently six courses are taught in different subjects and it is expected that at least four more will be added throughout 2019. The Public Policy Manager of Google in statements in front of Infobae “Since 2015 we have been supporting institutions such as Comunidad IT and Colnodo......

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