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The bitcoin holders have been rubbing their hands together for a long time, waiting in front of a digital counter for the halving to arrive. The event, which is not new, can be seen as a mathematical game that keeps the fintechs in a trance. On Christmas Eve, Javier Conde, an accomplished beer taster, heard an incomprehensible story about halving. The story traveled from his blog to others, until a team of Spanish students from the University of Pennsylvania’s Hispanic and Portuguese Studies translated it. The halving tale It all started at the back booth at The Olde Bar, an old pub in colonial Philadelphia, where an old bearded man looking like a Galician sailor shouted in perfect Spanish: “All the fuckers who have bitcoins in their wallets and keep them there for International Internet Day in 2020, will either be richer or filthier rich!” No one paid any attention......

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